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Re: Thirty three and a third.
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Both your meal and your LPs sound lovely!  Are the albums new to you or are those some of the ones that you cleaned and are now listening to?  By the way, what kind of record cleaning machine does your dealer have?

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Hello PD,

Every few months or so I take 12-15 LPs to my dealer to clean--at a rate of one digitization a week, it works out well for me. I'll just go ahead and give them a little plug here (I have zero financial interest in their business). Their owner is the son of the late Brooks Berdan, known as one of the best turntable guys in the world. I bought several pieces from Brooks, including my Oracle, back in the 1990s.

A couple years ago, I had them tune the suspension on my Oracle Delphi, install a new cartridge and overhaul my Audible Illusions tube pre-amp with all new tubes. They also have a deal whereby, if you buy cleaning fluid, you can come in and use the machines any time you want. Nice deal. It's also good business, as it keeps people coming back in. I flat out do not need any more equipment now, but every time I visit, I try to buy something, even if it's just an LP.

Anyway, they have a few machines. I have used the Keith Monks machine a few times before, but now I prefer the ClearAudio (don't know the model). Both retail for about $6000, which is waaaaaaaaaay more than I'd ever pay for something like this. Nevertheless, it is great to be able to use them for free. If I had to buy a machine, I'd just go for the basic VPI--absolutely bullet-proof and very functional at about a tenth of the price. There really is no need for such a deluxe maching unless you're cleaning thousands of records a year--or you are filthy rich with money to burn.

ANyway, every time I visit, my records I'm cleaning are a combination of about half new ones I've bought in local shops or online, and half old ones I've had sitting on my shelves, sadly neglected for 2+ decades! Nice to dust them off for a listen!

The neighborhood there is very nice as well, with lots of good restaurants and some very interesting architecture and museums. (Norton Simon, one of the BEST art museums in the world!)

Do you have access to a cleaning machine? Any interesting new finds?  :)

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