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Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
« on: March 31, 2009, 05:33:58 AM »

Quite amazing : Paul Hindemith's brother Rudolf was a composer aswell! Is anybody familiar?

4 CDs are available.

CD 1 :
Suite für Klavier & Orchester;
Streichquartett & Kontrabass;5 Klavierstücke;
Thema & Variationen über "Ich hab' die
Nacht geträumet";"Der Spiegel" oder "Hin und
Zurück" für Streichquartett;Sextett-Serenade
für Klarinette, Streichquartett & Kontrabass Künstler: Lessing, Müller, Vornehm, Stoffel, Behr-König, Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Bremen, Albrecht
Label: DreyerGaido , 2001
Bestellnummer: 7121791

7 Präludien & Fugen;Sonatinen Nr. 1, 2,4-6;
Walzer aus "Des Kaisers neue Kleider";
Sextett für Klarinette, Kontrabass &
Streichquartett Künstler: Granata, Maxsein, Brunner, Schopper, Rhea, Hindemith, Nimoiya, Knerer

CD3( as performer)

DetailinformationenChopin: Cellosonate g-moll op. 65
+Dvorak: Klaviertrio "Dumky"
+B. Marcello: Sonate F-Dur für Cello & Cembalo
+Beethoven: Duett mit 2 obligaten Augengläsern
+Strawinsky: Concertino für Streichquartett Künstler: Rudolf Hindemith (Cello & Viola da gamba),Paul Hindemith (Viola),AMAR Quartett u. a.
Label: DreyerGaido , m, 22-60
Bestellnummer: 7655863

CD4 ( box 2 CD's)
für Klavier;Sonatinen Nr. 1-7;5 Klavierstücke;
7 Präludien & Fugen;13 Schulfugen;Zweistimmige
Schulfugen;Walzr aus "Des Kaisers neue Kleider" Künstler: Stephanie Tomischek, Klavier
Label: ORF , DDD, 2006-2008


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Re: Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2009, 06:07:48 AM »
Bob Dylan has an older brother. I wonder if he wrote any songs.


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Re: Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
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Quite amazing : Paul Hindemith's brother Rudolf was a composer aswell! Is anybody familiar?

Wow! Please report . . . .

(Tyring to remember if Geoffrey Skelton's bio of Paul Hindemith mentioned brother Rudolf at all . . . .)


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Re: Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
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Later Karl...I'm off to the doctor : lumbago :'(, since a couple of days. It's better today - I can drive the car. But it is painful....



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Re: Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
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Mend quickly, friend!


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Re: Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
« Reply #5 on: April 01, 2009, 06:31:04 AM »
 ;D ;D ;D

I found this "English" biography on the Internet. Ah, the French...! Enjoy this prime example of Franglais!

Rudolf Hindemith (since 1951 officially Paul Quest , pseudonym Hans Lofer ; born the January 9th 1900 with Frankfurt on the Hand ( am Main); died in 1974 close to Munich) was a Compositeur and German Leader ( conductor) with roots in Silesia, from where his/her father was originating. It remained most of the time in the shade of his famous brother Paul although it was " redécouvert" recently. (rediscovered)

Childhood and youth of two brothers to the opposite destiny
In the Enfance the two brothers, who had a solid musical education, made the pride of their family; they began together their professional path within the Quatuor Amar, one of the units representative of the Modern music of the Années 1920; Rudolf played there of the Violoncelle. It was detached ( disbanded) some however rather quickly, being estimated occulted by his brother, and turned then to the Orchestre of harmony and the Jazz. When Paul emigrated in 1938 in Suisse to flee the Germany Nazi, Rudolf chooses to remain as leader ( conductor). It directed to Cracow the Symphony orchestra of the “general Government”, which had been created under the impulse of the Gauleiter Hans Frank, which will be hung in 1946 after the Procès of Nuremberg because of its many misdeeds under the Nazism.

Pseudonym after 1945 and redécouverte
After the Second world war Rudolf Hindemith carried out, under various pseudonyms, a life wandering as type-setter, leader and also professor( composer, conductor,teacher). He died, esseulé,(lonely) close to Munich in 1974. Its tomb carries the inscription " Hans Lofer".
With (In ) Bremen in February 2002 took place a " Festival Rudolf Hindemith" who lasted three days. The local philharmonic Company played some parts for piano and chamber music and created a concerto for piano made up in the years 1960 and that Rudolf Hindemith had entitled " Continuation(Suite) for piano and orchestre".


External bonds
Rudolf Hindemith
'' a wandering humorist ''
Cello-Klavier-Konzerte I-IV und VI

For those who read german:

From Wikipedia:

From c1914 Paul Hindemith, a graduate of Hoch Conservatory at Frankfort-am-Main, had taken the second violin desk in the Rebner Quartet of Frankfort, led by his violin teacher Adolf Rebner. He continued to play in quartets during the war while in military service, and after the war took up the viola and asked to be moved to that desk. He had written string quartets in 1915 (op 2) and 1918 (op 10), and in 1920 produced another (op 16) which was accepted for performance in the new 1921 Donaueschingen Festival. However Gustav Havemann, leader of the Havemann Quartet engaged for it, refused to perform the work, and therefore Hindemith was obliged to form a group to give his own premiere. He chose his younger brother Rudolf (dedicatee of the work) as cellist, and obtained Licco Amar, a Budapest Conservatory graduate and 1915-1920 concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and then of Mannheim Nationaltheater, as first violin and Walter Caspar as second.

The performance was duly given, and in 1922 the Quartet became permanent and began giving recitals, specialising in modern music, and was soon extremely busy. Rudolf Hindemith, who found working under his brother's authority irksome, left and was replaced, but returned for a period during which the quartet's recordings were made and the London (BBC sponsored) debut was given (December 1926). Soon afterwards he left again permanently. The group was disbanded in 1929

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Re: Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
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Rodolfo Indemitto . . . .

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Re: Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
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I have only heard about him in his capacity as a cellist - he edited the solo part on Hindemith's cello concerto of 1940 and I think was the first performer of the cello kammermusik (or it was written with him in mind at least...)
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Re: Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
« Reply #8 on: November 13, 2017, 02:47:50 AM »
I finally bought CD 1.

Will give more details later.
The music should appeal to all who like Prokofiev,Milhaud, Françaix, Roussel, Weill...Paul Hindemith...and other composers from the roaring Twenties/Thirties.




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Re: Discovery: Rudolf Hindemith!
« Reply #9 on: November 14, 2017, 04:04:52 AM »
OK .

I really enjoyed this cd.

- Sonatina nr. 7: reached its final form in 1971! But could have been written in 1925 by an angry young Russian composer fascinated by motorism, satire and repetition.
- 5 pieces for piano: written in the 30's. 5 short vignettes (lasting ca 11 mins.), varying between gentle, almost romantic cantilenas and fast& furious toccatas.
- Variations on "Ich hab' die nacht geträumet"... (info: - for stringquartet.
propably written in the early 30's. Much of the thematic material is identical to Pianosonatina nr. 1.
The most serious, dark work here. But then, "Ich hab' die nacht geträumet" is a dark and very sad song :
What could the dream mean?
Oh, my love, are you dead?

general impression: not unlike his brother's stringquartets ( nr. 4): thorough, elaborate, emotionally gripping.

-Der Spiegel oder Hin und Zurück for stringquartet. A virtuoso trifle; a musical joke ( the second half of the piece is a mirror image of the first).
- Sextett - serenade for klarinet, stringquartet and double bass. The longest work.  A late work ( ca 1965). German fun à la française.... each of the movements bears the title of a musical style. Chopin, Verdi, Dvorak are conjured up in a great variety of variations. Lovely.

-Suite for piano and orchestra. Written in the late 60's. 5 movements : March, Intermezzo, Trauermarsch,Spanischer Tanz, Toccata.
A heady stew of serious musings, jazzy & musical-like effusions and swinging, driving rythms. The final motoristic Toccata is great fun.

Excellent performances and recording (Radio Bremen). Live performances (2001) at Bremen's concerthall 'Die Glocke" - which has wonderful acoustics.
I visited Bremen a couple of weeks ago and (witnessed a concert by the Bremen Youth Orchestra) really enjoyed discovering this beautiful Art Deco building.


Rudolf Hindemith remains a mystery though. Not much music has been recorded . I may try to explore more.


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