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Musical interpretation software
« on: October 21, 2009, 10:00:50 AM »
Does it exists?

Since I have always been interrested in electronic music and it´s possibilities, I also thought about an interpretation software. Musical ideas are not fixed into time and space and often the composer is forced to make it even a lot more fixed, than how he imagine it from the beginning. Take fx "2/3 with 5 around it" - that could sound in many different ways - it could be Scriabin, or Mozart, or Bach, Stockhausen, Cage, Granados, Brahms or Gershwin.
So the software, that I´m looking for, could be working in two different ways:

1) It should be connected to the notation, so that the composer can work with his musical idea taken out of time. 

2) Or it should be able to analyse the elements and structure all by itself, if you put a traditional score of music into it; that is the elements which are unique to the composition and not a natural consequence of the compositions elements.

This is how the software should work:
[postulate] Language is always a substitution of the original.

[postulate] Substitution is always different from what it substitutes, so it is primitive.

[postulate] If a composer publishes a score of music, it indicates that he feel comfortable with his instructions given to any professional musicians, as to express his musical idea clearly.

Since music notation is a language (most often), it must be considered primitive. We know, that the musical score express a musical idea, but in a primitive way, so if the musical idea is represented by a line, the line is crypled. The line consists of a series of particular symbols, fx M, and the curves and crypledness makes the seria of M slightly different but only to a certain limit. Then interpretation is the craft of making the line straight, and the basic M shape equal to eachother.

So the software should work on the idea, that musical interpretation is any modification that makes the line with a given start and end position closer to being straight.

The different possibilities of interpretation can be imagined, just by how many directions a straight line can point.

Does that exists, and if not, can I programming such a program by myself?


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