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Re: Stanley Bate(1911-1959)
« Reply #140 on: July 10, 2018, 12:21:30 PM »
Yes,the slow movement is a peach! :) The trouble is,if I bang on about something I like too much I can bet my bottom penny that someone will pop up and say that they don't think it's much cop (in no uncertain terms!). I'm just glad that someone else likes this piano concerto,Christo! It has a different quality to allot of other British works for piano and orchestra. It makes me think of some of those lighter soviet concertos like those of Kabalevsky,for example;yet quintessentially english. Bax's two big works for piano and orchestra have a special closeness to my heart,because I grew up listening to them. Ireland's Piano Concerto because of my interest in Celtic (particularly Welsh) folklore and Arthur Machen;but the Bate is a wonderful piano concerto. I like the Sinfonietta No 1,too;and it would be nice to hear No2,if it's still extant (and some other scores)?
I have to say I much prefer Boult's performance of the third symphony,to the Dutton recording. It has an intensity and atmosphere to it,which grabs me so much more than the new recording,despite the rough sound. I wish some recording label would transfer it to cd. I think it would be well worth the trouble!
I like everything I have heard from Bate, especially the Viola Concerto, the Piano Concerto and symphonies 3 and 4. Yes, it would be great if Boult's performance of Symphony 3 was released on CD.
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