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Re: Gerald Finzi
« Reply #120 on: April 22, 2014, 06:09:56 PM »
I've just finished listening to the complete Finzi song-cycles on the Naxos three-disc set with baritone Roderick Williams and tenor John Mark Ainslie.

"Sigh", the man was a genius, I can't think of any other song writer who combines such good choices of text and just melodic and harmonic wizardry. I suspect that if I was a German speaker I might say the same about several of the lieder writers, but as I can only "understand" the texts, ie not appreciate the level of language, the connotations and so forth, I can't really appreciate them to the same extent. The same would be the case with Nielsen and other Scandinavian song-writers.

Can anyone suggest other writers of songs in English that they think have Finzi's gift (I like Butterworth's songs, and VW's Songs of Travel, and some of Gurney's (though I prefer Finzi's setting of "Only the Wanderer"), and various disks of English folk-songs I have come across (inc Britten settings), but most other song-writers in English seem to be writers of art-songs rather than songs).

What are Finzi's Greatest Songs that I can YouTube?

Also, not English, but I hear that-Finzi-thing in Malipiero. I don't know which vocal piece to go for though (mostly Opera, but maybe the style... eh... mm... nevermind :-\)
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Re: Gerald Finzi
« Reply #121 on: April 22, 2014, 07:46:26 PM »
I don't know about greatest, but my favourites are:

So I have fared
Proud Songsters
A Young Man's Exhortation
Her Temple
At a Lunar Eclipse
The Self-unseeing
Channel Firing (all Hardy)

Only the Wanderer (Gurney)

Come away, Come away, Death
Fear no more the heat o'the Sun (Shakespeare)

Oh Fair to See (Christina Rossetti)

Since we Loved (Bridges)

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