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Dorokhov´s Door - Georgy Dorokhov (1984- )
« on: June 13, 2011, 02:05:06 AM »
Georgy Dorokhov (1984 Tomsk, Russia -  ):

Russia keeps producing young composers, and this is one of them. I somehow find him bewildering and fascinating, and guess we will hear more of him.

Whether the iconoclasms/innovations have an element of pseudo-avantgarde is hard to tell; often there are some discreet repeated patterns in the music that can make it more attractive than the immediate impression it gives. The music is perhaps a bit in a Helmuth Lachenmann-vein as regards expanding the instruments` possibilities, or theatrical in Mauricio Kagel-way, or it appears like "sound sculptures".

For samples, check out the especially the weird String Quartet and the Adagio Molto Cello Concerto: more info can be had and heard at the Moscow Conservatory site, which also presents a bunch of other young composers, writing both in "conservative" and "modernist" styles:

There´s about a dozen clips on you-tube, including the great (?)

"Smoke" for an ensemble of 11 makes heavy use of party balloons and the result is a bit similar to Lucia Dlugoszewski´s wonderful (but much more gracious) "Fire Fragile Flight";

and "Topinambour" shows some of the unusual instrumental handling as well:

whereas "(e)space" has a more lyrical expression, the "clock motifs" reminding of those of the Cello Concerto:


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