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Re: The Modern Trumpet
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Yes, I love the sound of trumpet!

I have a few of those albums. The pieces for trumpet & organ are nice (Jolivet, Persichetti, Eben). But, you forgot the Mexican sound of the trumpet in Revueltas,... that's a lot of fun!

There's a concerto by Vainberg that I recall really being something.

There's a lot of interesting recitals. I have Graham Ashton playing Henze, Berio, Jolivet, and Davies. Those Hardenberger discs are too much fun too. Then there's the ubiquitous Marsalis disc 'On the 20th Century', with Honegger, Bernstein, Stevens, Hindemith, Enescu, and many others.

Perhaps you'd be willing to go through the entire brass section?


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Re: The Modern Trumpet
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Haha, that's funny.

I've been considering that Dusapin disc.

There is a pierce called 'Music for Tuba', or 'Solo Tuba Music', by Cort Lippe, which is in the 'anthing goes' category.

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Re: The Modern Trumpet
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It's a shame the Saxophone has gained the reputation of being a woodwind instrument. It's a shame because it's disrespectful of its inventor, Adolf Sax, who conceived his instrument as a middle point betweeen brass and woodwind

Classification derives from the tone production method: with a sax, sound is generated by air hitting a reed, ergo woodwind, versus brass, whereas the player's lips vibrate the air column.
There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact. --Sir Arthur Conan Doyle