Author Topic: Adolphe Adam's Apple (1803-1856)  (Read 2638 times)

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Adolphe Adam's Apple (1803-1856)
« on: September 29, 2011, 05:03:01 PM »
I was surprised to see that there isn't a thread on Adolphe Adam.  I'm listening to Le Corsaire ballet for the first time (English Chamber Orchestra/Bonynge).

After listening to both Giselle (a few times) and Le Corsaire, I cannot help but think that his work in ballet must have had an influence on Tchaikovsky.  Any thoughts on this?

Also, I had no idea Adolphe Adam was the composer of the Christmas Carol - Minuit Chretien, or O Holy Night in English.  That just happens to be my favorite Christmas Carol, although I'm not really into Christmas Carols, so it's not saying very much.

Sara, is it possible to please have this thread annexed into the Composer Index Rebooted area?  Thank you!  :)   


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Re: Adolphe Adam's Apple (1803-1856)
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2011, 10:07:52 AM »
I can see from the amount of views and no replies, just how well like Adolphe Adam's music is.   ;D

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Re: Adolphe Adam's Apple (1803-1856)
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2011, 10:35:39 AM »
Hey - missed this! Love the ballets!

If you don't the big Decca set, then here area few wonderful examples of his ballet that you can separately:

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