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Please do excuse the not so exciting thread name....

Composing is a passion of mine and it is my ambition to be a composer, as well as a conductor. My first composition attempts were when I was around 11 years old, but I only started passionately composing around two years later, when I composed a variety of works including a cello concerto, an orchestral suite depicting the earth, some piano etudes which were performed by an excellent Japanese pianist and eventually a symphony.
I regard 2011 to have been the most important year for me as a composer so far. It started off by writing an orchestral tone poem based on Robert Browning's poem 'Porphyria's Lover', and then, I recieved my first commission which was from the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra to write a piece for their 50th anniversary season. I wrote for them my 'Rhapsody for Orchestra' which was premiered by the orchestra in the first concert of the season in November. It was such an amazing experience, the first time I had ever heard an orchestra perform my works in concert... and recieving the applause and cheering from the audience was so special!
Also, earlier in the year, I had auditioned to the Junior Department of the Royal Academy of Music, London, to study composition and piano. I was accepted and started in September. I am really enjoying my time there, my teacher is Matthew Taylor, who some fans of Robert Simpson may have heard of!

Before, my style had been very romantic, but now, in my most recent work called 'Seascapes' for orchestra, I think I have developed a more original, distinct style which is more impressionist.

On this thread, I shall post updates on my compositions for anyone who is interested. I would love your opinions as I value feedback very much!
Here are some links to my work - all are computer sounds I'm afraid. Some live performances, including the premiere of the 'Rhapsody for Orchestra' shall be uploaded soon.

'Seascapes' - an orchestral depiction of the sea. 11 minutes - composed between October and December 2011:

'Rhapsody for Orchestra' - dedicated to Richard Jacklin and the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra. Composed between April and June 2011, premiered on 12th November.

'Romance for Piano' - a solo piano depiction of love

'Porphyria' - after the poem 'Porphyria's Lover' by Robert Browning. for large orchestra.

Scherzando for Orchestra - dedicated to Mahler (originally from 'Symphony no.1')

Will post more soon! :)

My new projects will include:
A 'reverie' for piano 8-hand - for my chamber group at the Royal Academy
A set of lieder
Violin duets for myself and a excellent violinist friend at school to play, she is only 12 and is already capable of many virtuosic solo concerto parts!
'Nocturnes' for wordless choir and chamber orchestra.

Thank you!
Best Wishes,
Daniel Hogan

Congrats! Off to a great start there and I am sure there's a lot of good stuff waiting to pour out of you onto paper.

Mirror Image:
Daniel, I just listened to your Seascapes and I'm very impressed with it! I like the direction you're going with your music. Congrats on all of your compositions! I look forward to hearing your music recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra one day. 8)

Just listened to Seascapes.
Very nice! I really enjoyed it.  8) The use of glissandi was also interesting in that context (though in *Sibelius the glissandi sound might not always be as accurate as it should be). I'm assuming the glissandi somehow represented the up-and-down waves of the sea?

*it was Sibelius that you use, right?

I don't know if you showcase your scores to the public or not, but just in case you do, I would be interested in reading them...

Mirror Image:

--- Quote from: madaboutmahler on December 22, 2011, 02:32:03 PM ---'Nocturnes' for wordless choir and chamber orchestra.
--- End quote ---

I will be interested in hearing this one, Daniel.


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