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Who uses the iTunes store for their music and other downloads?

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--- Quote from: mc ukrneal on December 24, 2011, 10:22:39 AM ---I avoid them as much as reasonably possible.

--- End quote ---

But they can still see you. >:D

Occasionally, but mainly for non-classical music. For exploring classical music I have a subscription to Naxos Music Library. For classical downloadable purchases I prefer at least CD quality files (such as FLAC) or preferably higher definition files, which I burn to DVD-Audio discs.
Good printed program notes with photos are a still a big advantage of commercial physical disc formats. I have bought downloads that included a PDF of the notes, but it isn't the same and I rarely use the notes.

I have used them quite a bit but only for non-classical Music :)

I've purchased music from all genres, apps and TV episodes. Have had several disappointing purchases with classical music, mostly from labels Decca and DG, but harmonia mundi, Naxos and Naive sound good. And TV shows I purchase in HD and they look great.

I have found several recordings recommended here on GMG with a much higher price on Amazon than iTunes that I have settled for the latter. I realize I am losing out on several factors that are important (booklet with texts, possibly better sound quality...) but in many cases if the samples sound clear and I already have a recording with the text then I feel comfortable with just the digital format. For example, I really want to buy the Minkowski Haydn "London" recordings, the cheapest price on amazon is $29 plus $2.99 for shipping, whereas iTunes has it for $11.99, I've sampled all the tracks, and even spent .99 cents on one track for a full movement, and have decided to purchase it digitally.

Based on the previous replies it looks as if I may be in the minority.

Tried it - didn't appreciate their 'offer' to upload things from my computer (would they have stopped at the things I suggested - don't think so !) so I erased it within 10 minutes  shan't return.


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