Author Topic: No doubt something really famous - sorry! (link for UK readers)  (Read 1543 times)

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I'm delighted to say that shortly after I posted this message a friend heard me playing the clip and pointed me in the right direction.  I now know that it is from Die Gotterdammerung, and my suspicion about the composer was correct after all!  I've been building up to exploring the works of Wagner, so it's time for me to start!

Thanks to anybody who took the trouble to listen to the clip




I know that this is something incredibly well known because I hear it all the time, but for some reason I haven't be able to pin it down! 

Would any UK readers be able to listen to the music at 2:53 at the following and put me out of my misery once and for all?

Sorry to anybody outside the UK - I don't think you'll be able to view the video for licensing reasons. 

I'd be really grateful to anybody that can demonstrate my ignorance.   :-\  I think I might know who it is by and if so it's a composer that I've avoided for a while - if I'm correct I'll have to put that right!

Thanks very much to anybody who can help 


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