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Re: Music for Advent and Christmas
« Reply #220 on: December 03, 2017, 03:45:42 AM »
And the winner is....

Some short impressions on the other contenders:

McCreesh performance incorporating the Weihnachtshistorie into a reconstructed service is an acclaimed recording.
I don’t mind the concept at all, but found this grandiose over the top party of British choral singing totally off putting. But honestly, with McCreesh this was what I kind of not really a let down in that respect... But I'd buy his Händel!  :)

Jacobs was a bit of a dissapointment.... It had less of the echt Schützian character than I wished for - smoother, more in the spirit of High Baroque.
But an intimate performance with gorgeous singing!  :)

One of my two personal runners up was Katschner with the Lautten Compagney: vivid and dynamic, with slightly larger forces and superb soloists in state-of-the-art recording. I opted for the more subdued intimacy of Kuijken, but this would have been an equally worthy choice. 2nd runner up is Bernius. An interesting, more idiosyncratic approach from a more Renaissance angle, particularly in the instrumental accompaniment. Might try it some time.

I really like Rademann in his Schütz series, but have found that his strength lies in the later works intended for larger forces. In the smaller, more intimate works his forces are simply too much, like is the case here. And his interpretation  sounds detached and uninvolved emotionally.

Of the (other) performances by anglophone and francophone ensembles an honorable mention for Tubéry and his Choeur de Chambre de Namur. A really nice performance!


Good comparison and comments Que; thank you for posting your analysis.  :)
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