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Ernst Wilhelm Wolf (1735-1792)
« on: August 30, 2015, 01:22:44 AM »
A German composer who was a gifted player by the age of seven. He admired CPE Bach and Graun. CPE Bach praised one of his pieces.  He was established at Weimar, and refused an offer to succeed CPE Bach's post from Federick the Great. He knew Goethe. In his day he was known well in "Germany."  Greatly influenced by CPE Bach, but his compositions were simpler in style reflecting the Classical style.

Chamber music
6 sonatas for either piano, violin or cello
9 string quartets
6 sonatas for harpsichord-flute or flute-violin
2 quintets for harpsichord, flute & strings
quintet for flute, oboe, violin, piano & cello

Orchestral works
25 concertos for pianoforte or harpsichord
12 symphonies/partitas

Keyboard pieces
36 sonatas pianoforte or harpsichord
6 sonatas pianoforte or harpsichord
sonata for 4-hands
4 sonatines
12 sonatas pianoforte or harpsichord
6 sonatas pianoforte or harpsichord
13 variations on themes

The Baroque/Classical specialist keyboard player Schornsheim has rescued one of his works here:
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