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Re: Johann Jakob Froberger
« Reply #80 on: February 14, 2018, 12:19:43 AM »
I think it boils down to how you see Froberger.
Because of the versatility of his music that incorporates many influences - English, Italian (he was a pupil of Frescobaldi), and last but not least: French (he was a very close friend to Louis Couperin) - Froberger is many things to many people... 8)

Stella chose clearly for the Italian/ Frescobaldi angle, with its slownes, hesitations and phrasing.
Which works with the pieces for organ, but is IMO dead wrong in the harpsichord works....
His approach is reinforced by the use of a rather small and dry sounding harpsichord.

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Re: Johann Jakob Froberger
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It's astonishing how Frobergerian some of the suites here are, the more so than anything by Purcell I think. I'm thinking of the ones in C and G really. Apparently Froberger visited London and Locke mentioned him as an influence.
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