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Robert Kahn [1865-1951]
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            CHAMBER                                                                                 ORCHESTRAL
=========================================     =====================================
 2 Violin pieces with Piano, Op.4, 1887                                                   Serenade (Aus der Jugendzeit), for chamber orchestra, circa 1890
 Sonata in g, Op.5, for violin & piano, 1886                                             Konzertstücke, Op.74, for piano & orchestra, 1920
 String Quartet in A, Op.8, 1890
 Piano Quartet in b, Op.14, 1891
 Piano Trio in E, Op.19, 1893
 3 Pieces, Op.25, Cello & Piano, 1897
 Sonata in a, Op.26, for violin & piano, 1897
 Piano Quartet in a, Op.30, 1899
 Piano Trio in E, Op.33, 1900
 Piano Trio in c, Op.35, 1902
 5 Tonbilder, Op.36, for violin & piano, 1902
 Sonata in F, Op.37, for cello & piano, 1903
 Piano Quartet in c, Op.41, 1904
 Trio in g, Op.45, for clarinet, cello & piano, 1906
 Sonata in E, Op.50, for violin & piano, 1907
 Quintet in c, Op.54, clarinet, horn, violin, cello & piano, 1910
 Sonata in d, Op.56, for cello & piano, 1911
 String Quartet in a, Op.60, 1914
 Suite in d, Op.69, for violin & piano, 1920
 Piano Trio in e, Op.72, 1922
 Serenade in f, Op.73, for oboe, horn, piano, 1922
 Variationen über ein altes Lied, for violin & piano, 1925
 Piano Quintet in D, 1926

Romantic German composer - admirer of Brahms (who invited him to study, but he declined out of awe), Reger, Mendlessohn, Schumann.
Attended the Berlin Musikhochschule (1882–5); later at the Munich Akademie der Tonkunst (1885–6) - thoroughly grounded in theory.
Lived in Berlin - associated with Joachim and van Bülow.
Taught at both the Berlin Musikhochschule and the Berlin Akademie der Künste, but because he was a Jew, the Nazi regime forced his resignation in 1934.  His music was, of course, suppressed.
Emigrated to England in 1937 at the urgent suggestion of Wilhelm Kempff, and died at Biddenden/Kent, more or less forgotten.

from the Royal College of Music website:

     Robert Kahn had early success as a composer partially due to support from Joseph Joachim, Hans von Bülow, Clara Schumann and especially Johannes Brahms, who helped him considerably in Vienna in 1887.
Having completed his studies he became a repetiteur at Leipzig Opera and from 1893 – 1930 he was a highly respected teacher in Berlin. He was both a highly respected performer and composer; as an accompanist to many eminent musicians, and as a widely performed and published composer of Lieder, chamber and choral music until his vilification by the Nazis.
In 1938, at the age of 73, Robert Kahn emigrated to the UK and lived there with his wife in Biddenden Kent until his death in 1951. There he wrote over 1000 piano pieces.

He mostly worked in the smaller forms, and the last violin sonata and piano quintet are recommended.

To quote the critic Steffen Fahl, Kahn ‘demonstrated little desire to write music that was unusual, provocative, scandalous or of overwhelming power; instead he composed intelligent, vital music in the Romantic tradition which was his natural language’.

‘From my early youth I felt a deep love and veneration for Brahms the musician. To that was added, now that he welcomed me so warmly in Vienna, a deep, even rapturous love for Brahms the man. It filled my entire heart, but I kept it carefully hidden from him in shyness and restraint.’
- Robert Kahn, Biddenden, Kent, 1947

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Re: Robert Kahn [1865-1951]
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