Author Topic: I know what they did whom beat me up to death november 25 2018  (Read 98 times)

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A crime syndicate made of chavs, sent me Nathalie Gélinas a first nnation mohawks  a tall b(word) of 1m90 =6''3-6''4

TThe pummeling occured at 9h to 9h30 a.m during day light, she  did a trick,, she  fake shhe drop a pamplet in my mail box but hiding behind my door last memory I seen this long skinny arm orange color, than  i close my door did not take precaution of locking them,, but did not see someone  climb down the stair.

I was shaving I got taze whit tazer gun theen almost pummel to death, cover whit black dirt and bruise , one broken nose , to severe black eye's a broken nose a crack skull all of this.

I called the police  saying I was victim of a  mob attack crawling to the phone, I said to them an individual name Bruno Froments and his buddy Jonathan Poulain-Mac donald treatent me 2 month earlier of death.


ont est tes amis mais fais attention la x2

We are you're friend but watch out x2 = this was death treat pure and simple.

Joe  mac do change is number afterward something he did not done in year, and both of them  had 300 fake facebook profile including Bruno sister or cousin Nathalie Gélinas the warrior chick of death.

I recalled saying  worried and pummel to the police I WERE VICTIM OF A MOB ATTACK, THAT FROMENTS HAD SOMETHING TO DO WHIT THIS, THE POLICE LAUGH IN MY FACE AND THOUGH i was a f*ckin schizoid paranoiac making this up, I Was sent to first care for 3 day and incarcerated in psychiatric hospital, since they though it were a convulsion fall not an attack , this was fishy.

Next thing I KNOW I would get annoy whit facebook groups  spotted jésus and now 100% humour on facebook, whit photoshop montage of me and video, by none other than Nathalie Gélinas, she also tried to fraud me sending me letter to my adress and fraud my paypal account (now) as we speak, I'M trying to close my paypal account but nothing work, no customer service available , only robots, I WANT MY pAYPAL ACCOUNT CLOSE NOW!.

Nathalie Gélinas live very close to me and now she is walking  on my avenue whit thug protection whit sunglasses, can't someone sent me the cavalery, since cops sleep on gaz whit this affair hatred crime.  Send me good old cowboys and skinheads of death please for my protection, I LOCK MY DOORS AND PUT CHAIR EVERY NIGHT  TO BLOCK THEM SHUT. Nathalie Gélinas is a bully of death, 1m90 , tanned orange skin, she is dangerous, police won't investigate her or believe me. I had to block her 390 profile of facebook under stupid different name gelinas  but also aka pouzet, Leblanc she is from the heaten of hell, and try to intimidated me whit her chavs flok she is never alone always in pair  of two.

Help deprofundiis against this mohawks terrorist mobster please????

Send reinforcement in rosemont-petite patrie district it's my neighborhood she try to intimidated me....  >:(
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