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Re: Your personal top [number] albums in your life
« Reply #60 on: July 15, 2017, 04:53:32 AM »

Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician

Love the very strange and crass Butthole Surfers - this is my favourite album of theirs too :D

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Re: Your personal top [number] albums in your life
« Reply #61 on: July 15, 2017, 06:27:20 AM »
Your personal top [number] albums in your life

One stands alone in the annals of my life as the most powerful, most influential.
A cornerstone of personal, social and cultural evolution and attachment.

I was a freshman at a private prep school at the time. I heard this album in my cousins basement. Took but a few notes and I was mesmerized.  I asked who it was. I was handed the album cover, again, I was blown away. The art, photo, hair, clothing.
The following day I skipped school, hoped a bus to the city, bought the album and started smoking pot.

edit: Wow, I just realized it was exactly  50 years ago!
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Re: Your personal top [number] albums in your life
« Reply #62 on: July 15, 2017, 06:35:29 AM »
I've been slaving over this list, it's very long but every single album here has had either a big impact on me at some point, been highly crucial to me personally at some point or it one of my all time favorites.

In no explicit order:

Voivod – War And Pain
Voivod – Killing Technology
Voivod – Dimension Hatross
Voivod – Nothingface
Voivod – The Outer Limits
The Residents – Meet the Residents
The Residents – Not Available
The Residents – Commercial Album
The Residents – Eskimo
The Residents – God In Three Persons
John Zorn – The Classic Guide To Strategy
John Zorn – Godard
John Zorn - Spillane
John Zorn – Hermetic Organ Series
John Zorn – Dream Machines
John Zorn – IAO
John Zorn – Nosferatu
John Zorn – In Search Of The Miraculous
John Zorn – At the Mountains Of Madness
John Zorn – Mount Analogue
John Zorn – Gnostic Preludes
John Zorn – The Gift
Frank Zappa – Absolutely Free
Frank Zappa – We’re Only In It For The Money
Frank Zappa – 200 Motels
Frank Zappa – Fillmore East
Frank Zappa – Civilisation Phase Three
Slayer – Reign In Blood
Slayer – Seasons In The Abyss
Brainiac – Bonsai Superstar
Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother
Pink Floyd - Meddle
Pink Floyd - Animals
Mars Volta – Frances The Mute
Slowdive – Souvaki 
Dream Theater – Images And Words
Dream Theater – Awake
Dream Theater – Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory
Yes – The Yes Album
Yes – Close To The Edge
Yes – Tales From Topographic Oceans
Enya - Watermark
Henry Cow – Unrest
Portishead – Dummy
Neil Young – Harvest
Neil Young – Harvest Moon
Sandy Denny- The North star Grassman And The Ravens
Sandy Denny – Sandy
Sandy Denny & The Strawbs – All Our Own Work
Mr Bungle – Mr Bungle
Iced Earth – Iced Earth
Iced Earth – Burnt Offerings
Emperor – Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
Strapping Young Lad – Alien
Devin Townsend – Ziltoid: The Omniscient
Devin Townsend – Ocean Machine
Devin Townsend – Deconstruction
Devin Townsend – Casualties Of Cool
Leonard Cohen – Songs of Leonard Cohen
Overkill – The Years Of Decay
Fates Warning – Perfect Symmetry
Fates Warning – A Pleasant Shade Of Grey
Loreena McKennitt – An Ancient Muse
Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly
Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses
Type O Negative – October Rust
Naked City – Naked City (Zorn)
Naked City – Radio (Zorn)
Moonchild – Astronome (Zorn)
Moonchild – Six Litanies For Heliogabalus
Gwar – Scumdogs Of The Universe
XTC - Skylarking
XTC – English Settlement
Meshuggah – Destroy Erase Improve
Meshuggah – Catch 33
Meshuggah – Violent Sleep Of Reason
Kitaro – Silk Road soundtracks
Laurie Anderson – Mister Heartbreak
Between The Buried And Me – Colors
Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect
Between The Buried And ME – Parallax: Future Sequence
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Soundtracks
Paradise Lost – lost Paradise
Paradise Lost – Icon
Julee Cruise – Floating Into The Night
Flaming Lips – 7 Skies H3 (the full 24 hour version!)
Flaming Lips – Embryonic
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (particularly for the title track and “Behind The Wall Of Sleep”)
Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time
Cynic – Traced In Air
War – Why Cant We Be Friends?
David Bowie – Station to Station
Roger Waters – Amused To Death
Daniel Johnston – 1990
Pharaohe Monch – Internal Affairs
2Pac – All Eyes On Me
2Pac – Me Against The World
The Doors – The Doors
Slipknot – Mate Feed Kill Repeat
Slipknot – Slipknot
Slipknot - Iowa
Gong – Flying Teapot
Gong - Angels Egg
Gong – You
Eric Dolphy – Out To Lunch
Eric Dolphy – Iron Man
Celtic Frost – To Mega Therion
Celtic Frost – Monothiest
The Venture – The Ventures in Space
John Coltrane – Giant Steps
This Heat – This Heat
This Heat – Deceit
Cardiacs – A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window
Cardiacs – Sing To God
Godflesh – Streetcleaner
King Crimson – Lizard
King Crimson – Larks Tongue In Aspic
Magma – Udu Wudu
Dr Zoltan – How To Sell The Whole Fucking Universe To everybody
The Man Called Tea – Sketchpad No. 1
Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures 
Paladin – Charge!
Toad – Toad
Diamanda Galas – Litanies Of Satan
Coven – Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls
The Flower Kings – Flower Power
The Flower Kings – Stardust We Are
Lionel Richie – Can’t Slow Down
Nick Cave – Henry’s Dream
Nick Cave – No More Shall We Part
Nick Drake – Pink Moon
Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left
Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible 
The Flying Luchenbachers – Revenge
Kent Knee – Say So
Ben Levin – Freak Machine
Ben Levin – Life And Back
Swans – The Seer
Ornette Coleman – The Shape Of Jazz To Come
Ornette Coleman – Body Meta
Charles Mingus – Blues And Roots
Sun Ra – Cosmos
Sun Ra – Heliocentric Worlds
Sun Ra – Nothing Is
Charlie Parker – Nothing Is
Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
Anthony Braxton – For Alto
Bjork – Debut
Bjork – Post
Darkthrone – A Blaze In The Northern Sky
Napalm Death – Scum
Alice In Chains – Dirt
Judas Priest – Sad Wings Of Destiny
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Buckethead – Welcome To Bucketheadland
Ravi Shankar – Chants Of India
Krishna Das – Breath Of The Heart
Krishna Das – Heart Full Of Soul
Malevolent Creation – The Ten Commandments
Cowboy Junkies – Trinity Session
Peter Paul and Mary – Album 1700
Peter Paul and Mary – (Various other albums)
Black Flag – Damaged
Melvins – Bullhead
Melvins – Houdini
Melvins – Stag
Oingo Boingo – Nothing To Fear
Robert Rich – Rainforest
Robert Rich - Geometry
Robert Rich – Electric Ladder
Robert Rich – Humidity
Robert Rich & Alio Die – Fissures
Tom Waits – Bone Machines
Tom Waits – Swordfishtrombones
Negativland – Negativland
Negativland – Escape From Noise
The Boredoms – Chocolate Synthesiser
The Boredoms – Super Ae
Van Der Graaf Generator – Pawn Hearts
Alan Parsons Project – I Robot
Jeff Wayne – War Of The Worlds
Bad Religion – How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Captain Beefheart – Trout Mask Replica
Captain Beefheart – Lick My Decals Off Baby
Dillinger Escape Plan – Miss Machine
Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis
Kings X – Gretchen Goes To Nebraska
Ayreon – Enter The Electric Castle
Ayreon – The Universal Migrator parts 1 & 2
Stolen Babies – There Be Squabbles Ahead
Thinking Plague – In This Life

There is also plenty of others I'm sure  :D


How many on this list.

I have a list of my top 150 of all time I'll need to post. (in order, as impossible as that seems)
“You practice and you get better. It’s very simple.”
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Re: Your personal top [number] albums in your life
« Reply #63 on: July 15, 2017, 09:30:56 AM »
Limited to a few albums i still listen to (Styx and Cheap Trick were huge when I was 12 and had a big impact but have not listened to them since)

Sabbath vol 4
Zepp Song remains the Same
Motorhead no sleep till Hammersmith
Jimi Hendix - Electric Ladyland
Godflesh - Streetcleaner
Sepultura - Arise
Swans - Great Annihilator
Meshuggah - Catch 33
Opeth - Damnation / Deliverance
Blut aus Nord - the work which transforms god
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Re: Your personal top [number] albums in your life
« Reply #64 on: July 15, 2017, 09:52:59 AM »
Some great ones in there. I'm pleasantly surprised to see The Tangent and Arena in particular on there!  :D

Sorry for responding so late. Great to see another Tangent fan here. They are few and far between, sadly. Hopefully I'll be picking up the new album next Friday.

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Re: Your personal top [number] albums in your life
« Reply #65 on: July 16, 2017, 02:38:03 PM »
Godflesh - Streetcleaner

Swans - Great Annihilator

Blut aus Nord - the work which transforms god

Nice to see these names over here. Powerful stuff.

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Re: Your personal top [number] albums in your life
« Reply #66 on: August 20, 2017, 11:03:05 PM »
I'm gonna have to make a follow up to my (already long) list because there are plenty of other albums that have meant a great deal to me that weren't covered in that list  ???

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« Reply #67 on: August 21, 2017, 07:44:25 PM »
Guys!! You're all just listing every album ever made. I mean, Come On!! Neilien, lol, seriously, that list, plus 40% of everyone else's list, is probably everyone's secret list anyhow. You can't just list every album :'(

'Into the Night' by Benny Mardones
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Re: Your personal top [number] albums in your life
« Reply #68 on: August 21, 2017, 10:13:28 PM »
With the Beatles
Sgt. Pepper
White Album
Magical Mystery Tour

Jimi Hendrix:
Electric Ladyland
Cry of Love

Chicago Transit Authority
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