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Pierre-Octave Ferroud (1900-36)
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"Pierre-Octave Ferroud was born in 1900 in Lyons and was killed in a car accident in Hungary in August 1936. In this short period of time he established himself as a major figure in French music. As a critic he contributed regularly to Paris Soir and from time to time to other publications, providing himself in this way with a means of subsistence. He gained in Paris and in many travels throughout Europe a number of international contacts, and through the foundation of his chamber music ensemble, Triton, was able to introduce to French audiences contemporary music from abroad. He was also successful as a composer, with performances of his works by distinguished musicians and under well-known conductors. These works, contributions to almost every form of music, reflect the French aesthetic of the inter-war period in a thoroughly personal musical idiom, making some use of both imaginative caricatures and strict principles of construction. Pulsating rhythms and harmonic sharpness, keeping melodic tonality in a tonal center, characterize most of his works."

Poulenc was devastated by Ferroud's death and wrote multiple religious pieces in his memory. Any fans (besides Francis)?
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Re: Pierre-Octave Ferroud (1900-36)
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Beautiful & Superbly orchestrated.

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