Author Topic: Is the search box just not very good, or am I doing something wrong?  (Read 362 times)

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If I use google site specific search on  for (eg) "pommer" I get tons of results.

An example

Some other bets: I have the Max Pommer . . .

 If I use the search box I get

Your search query didn't return any matches.

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The GMG search engine has never been particularly good (though using the advancec search improves matters), but I think it is currently down. Searching for "Bach" didn't return any results either.... which seems highly improbable!  :D

Must be a glitch due to the server transfer...

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I frequent another forum that uses this same software/layout/whatever it's called, and the search function there is not good either. Like, it includes instances where letters you search for appear within a word. For example, you include the word "it" in your search, and the search returns a post with the word "literature".