Author Topic: Why Rheingold and Siegfried are less popular than Walküre and Götterdämmerung?  (Read 1455 times)

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  Well musically, the leitmotifs repeat or are presented again in varying situations throughout the 4 operas.  For example the love duet at the end of Siegfried is heard again in Gotterdammerung.  The leitmotif at the beginning of Rheingold is presented again in a darker form in the Siegfried funeral march in Gotterdammerung, The leitmotif representing the giants, the wanderer, etc. are repeated, sometimes in varying forms throughout the 4 operas.   I can see how one might prefer the action sequence in one ring opera over another, but I tend to view the whole thing as one piece.  Just me I suppose. 


Clearly there are crucial thematic connections mediated by the leitmotifs, but that doesn't exclude the possibility they were used more effectively in one than another. He did put it aside for 12 years and write two operas before resuming with a refined technique.

My perspective is perhaps influenced by the fact that my life circumstances would never allow me the time to listen to the entire ring sequentially and absorb it as a whole.  Getting through one act is difficult.
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