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Jam Session 2018: The Reckoning,... Man
« on: May 04, 2018, 08:37:39 AM »

So, Teddy the drummer said that some of the Karaoke joes had a garage studio and wanted to make some recordings, and they needed a lead player. It sounded promising.

Now I've spent ten minutes trying to figure out how to tell you,... it's been about five or six sessions now, with various groupies coming around,... and, frankly, I've never been so depressed about "identifying with music" (for lack of...).

"Hey maaan, you know any Priest or Maiden?"

Yes, we're playing the GNR!!! version of 'Knockin on Heaven's Door',... yea,... no,... no, we're not. How people over 60 can crash and burn something like this has now become like an anthem for how my entire musical life has evolved died on the vine before I ever knew it.

From Lionel Ritchie to AC/DC, from Side1 of '2112' to 'Louie, Louie', I've once again been forced to plumb the depths of my own knowledge of craaap (oh how I weep and tremble as I write)!!!

Well, we can play about one minute's worth of a sewage truck's worth of pure crap- 'Wanted' (BonJovi)


But watching these guys light up like NYE when, in exasperation for finding some song I could start, that I was reasonably sure everyone knew, I started 'Paranoid',... well,... wow,... was it worth it?

Men over 60, playing music made for 13 year old boys 40 years ago. ??? :o ??? :o ??? :o ??? :o ??? :o ??? :o...ok, I'm tired of trying to type that many emojis...

I come to this Thread, to GMG, as a parched traveler seeking shelter at the inn... I have seen things,... I have done things,... I need absolution.

"Lame" is the word I'm looking for. Guitarists who just.won't.stop. masturbating, verse, bridge, or chorus... drummers who stop ALL.THE.TIME.

NO ONE LOOKS UP!!! ("Me, me, me...")

So I'm forced to play the most basic rhythm guitar just to keep sooomething of the original music.

You should see this group trying to learn the ending jam of 'Black Magic Woman' by Santana,... and no one seems to listen to the song week to week,... and there's no imagination to do something else...

"I was up til five this morning learning the keyboard parts on my guitar synthesizer,... maaan!"

metal guys playing Elton John,...oy vey, how can this end well? :blank:

I've got an actual festival set coming up in a month, with a prescribed set, and I need people, and it's late, and here I am...

" achey breaky heart..."


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Re: Jam Session 2018: The Reckoning,... Man
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2018, 06:46:32 AM »
Festival gig in two weeks, and not one practice under the belt...

I guess had I seen how my music career was going to go when I was 13, maybe I would have gotten into Financials instead

ooohhhhh the suffering :(

'Achey Breaky Heart' comin' right up, sir!!


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Re: Jam Session 2018: The Reckoning,... Man
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2018, 04:52:03 AM »
Strawberry Festival Gig 2018

1) My guitar-brain-box literally FACTORY DEFAULTED me the DAY BEFORE the gig!!! LOL, when God's in charge, God's really in charge!!

2) Drummer got caught in parade traffic. The other drummer guy, who was supposed to be away on vacay, just happened to show and ended up playing the whole set.

3) Alberto TS had been threatening all week, but we were spared! Humid as yukk though...

4) We played everything from the Munsters to Rock Me Gently,... lol,... bluegrass version of WarPigs, tee hee...

oy vey but the women ... with their arms FULL of tattoos "sleeves",... yukk!!!!! THINGS HAVE CHANGED!!! And yea, there was even two LITTLE boys dressed in "gender" blue/pink hair and PartyKids makeup,... oh the confused era we live in,... (this is a sanctuary libby denmark to be sure)

Yea, the makeup of the crowd doesn't look good for the future...

HOWEVER, WE ROCKED,... I LOST MY VOICE ... got the groupies.... lol...