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Gustav Neidlinger
« on: June 05, 2018, 07:20:15 AM »
What are your opinions about Gustav Neidlinger, that magnificent bass-baritone? What are your favorite roles that he sang and which recording/s? To me he was the best Alberich there has ever been. Not only he captures perfectly the more ruthless and intimidating attributes of him but he also captures the sympathy inherent in his character, all the tragical and redeeming qualities, his affection for his son Hagen and the terrifying grandeur that emanates from him. My favorite Alberich performance from him is (surprise surprise) from Solti's Decca Ring. I'm glad they used him throughout the cycle. Furtwängler's RAI 1953 and Böhm's 60s recordings also are particularly great.

From his other roles, he was for ex. a terrific Klingsor, my favorites are from Knappertsbusch recordings (especially -54 and 62). He could also portray warmer personalities such as Hans Sachs (Cluytens radio broadcast from -57 is a great favorite of mine). His great Kurwenal roles include Eugen Jochum's 1953 recording and Böhm's 1970 Bayreuth live recording. Outside Wagner, he was also a formidable Pizarro. Check out Böhm performance from 1970.
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