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Re: Ten Guilty Pleasures
« Reply #20 on: July 21, 2018, 12:44:44 AM »
I assume the title just refers to kitsch (i.e. music possessing "exaggerated sentimentality or melodrama", making use of clichés or a camp aesthetic—sometimes knowingly or ironically—and/or representing a more "lowbrow" genre such as light music, incidental music, opera fantasies/pasticchios, or soundtracks). Some examples that come to mind immediately:

Poulenc - L'embarquement pour Cythère -
Poulenc - Improvisation No.15 (Hommage à Edith Piaf) -
Shostakovich - Waltz No.2 from the Suite for Variety Orchestra -
Ravel - La Valse - (obviously, more in the "ironic" category)
Dvořák - Slavonic Dances -
Dvořák - Romance in F minor - (arguably)
almost any of Mendelssohn's Songs without Words - e.g.
almost any of Grieg's Lyric Pieces - e.g.
Tchaikovsky - Serenade for Strings -
Fauré - Sicilienne -
Liszt - Réminiscences de Don Juan -

... etc

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Re: Ten Guilty Pleasures
« Reply #21 on: July 21, 2018, 07:14:38 AM »
The only type of guilty pleasures I usually have are concerning non-musical attributes of the work (Plots of an opera, oratorio, cantata etc.) Rarely if ever I have guilty pleasures where the guilty part becomes from the music itself.

Do those count (I mean, while obviously a part of the musical work, it is not music itself.)

If those count, I could mention many of the absurdities from the world of opera such as La trovatore, Turandot (for God's sake, Ping, Pang, Pong!) Fanciulla del West (well, I think for the most part it's not cheesy at all but lines like "Whiskey per tutti!", random english words and some of the clichés while handled in my opinion very well, are STILL clichés, they are cringeworthy) and Die Liebe der Danae.

If those do not count, I've got nothing.

"Javert, though frightful, had nothing ignoble about him. Probity, sincerity, candor, conviction, the sense of duty, are things which may become hideous when wrongly directed; but which, even when hideous, remain grand."

- Victor Hugo

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Re: Ten Guilty Pleasures
« Reply #22 on: July 21, 2018, 08:04:49 AM »
Dvořák - Slavonic Dances -

The Slavonic Dances are exquisite miniatures.  I suppose they are lighter music, but to me light music is stuff like Leroy Anderson and Ketelbey.

Looking over some the choices here, it seems the subject has morphed into "music with hummable melodies".
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