Author Topic: My EXPERIMENTAL String Quartet  (Read 957 times)

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Re: My EXPERIMENTAL String Quartet
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 12:08:46 AM »
Very reminiscent of 20th century neoclassical music, particularly the American scene. Not sure if I'd call it derivative exactly, but were it not for some of the messy transitions I could possibly be convinced that it was a single movement from David Diamond written around the 1950s. I think generally you have an okay sense of flow in this piece, but sometimes it's like a cut and paste job with sections awkwardly sandwiched in. I would suggest that this piece could benefit from more anticipatory transitions to improve the sense of material continuity between sections. I recommend spending some time with middle period Stravinsky, for example the Basle Concerto, to see how he handles mood transitions with rhythmically complex materials.

A more specific point, but one that I think sticks out quite badly: in the "Triumphant" section (c. 2:30 in the video) you have long runs in the first violin which are very pronounced in their extra-diatonic character, but the other instruments are playing too much of a static, carpet-like texture to really let the gesture take off, it grinds against them rather than being supported by them. Please do not, as many would, blame this on the MIDI rendering, I've been working with MIDI long enough to know the difference between actual arrangement problems and mere sound library problems. A more contrapuntally varied approach in the accompaniment would do well here.

Overall, not bad.