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Re: Hello to all from the US...
« Reply #40 on: January 31, 2019, 07:36:00 AM »
Hello fellow vinyl enthusiast! Where in California are you? My wife and I live in Pasadena, which I have a soft spot for, but I viscerally hate the rest of SoCal, and I long to be in the Bay Area, or better yet Ireland (whence my ancestors came), or possibly further north in the land of the Hyperboreans. I love that avatar and have had a fascination with the aurora borealis and northern latitudes for many years.

Pasadena sounds lovely--and warm compared to where I'm currently residing alas! Yes, the Bay area is lovely (last time I visited which was ages ago).   :)

Thank you so much for your warm welcome and looking forward to hearing about your vinyl adventures and lessons that you've learned along the way.

Best wishes,