Author Topic: 5 minutes to make a newcomer fall in love with classical music  (Read 1187 times)

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I'm reassured by your agreement, Karl. And I think my point is (I am still in the process of discovering what my point is) that 'attentiveness' covers a wide spectrum of awareness, from Total Immersion at one end, to Total Obliviousness at the other - only this last extreme being, strictly, inattentiveness.


I'll follow your example and think aloud. As time went by I have come to appreciate more and more simplicity and naturalness in music; but can't it be that what is actually needed is simplicity and naturalness in listening?

This seems to me pretty much what I was suggesting when, in the pre-concert lecture for Plotting, I told the audience that I wanted them to enjoy the piece, more than I wanted them to understand it.
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