Author Topic: The Art of George Szell (György Széll)  (Read 25083 times)

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Re: The Art of George Szell (György Széll)
« Reply #100 on: July 18, 2019, 06:45:12 AM »
If there's a Szell/Cleveland record from the 50s and 60s that isn't at least "very very good", I've yet to encounter it and I've basically heard them all

The many times issued Wagner Overtures ("Orchestral Highlights") is one of the best albums ever made, in my opinion... the playing is absolutely thrilling

With Leon Fleisher, the 5 Beethoven piano concertos are my first choices for those pieces

The Greig and Schumann concertos with Fleisher are also my first choice over all others

Furthermore, every Mozart concerto he cut with Robert Casadesus is just magical;  really special, elegant performances... absolutely first choice stuff

The Dvorak dances is an amazing record, as well

His R. Strauss recordings are fantastic

All of Szell's Brahms, Mozart and Beethoven are first class and absolutely worth hearing ... I'm not a Mahler fan but his Mahler is also excellent

There are simply no duds that I've ever heard and quite a few truly great albums

100% agreed on all counts.

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Re: The Art of George Szell (György Széll)
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Thanks so much!  Nice to be here