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Re: Bach Goldberg Variations
« Reply #320 on: July 19, 2019, 10:05:16 AM »
Yes, Sony "06" as long as folks know that's it's simply the Gould "55" all gussied up to not sound like an historical recording.  Personally, I think it's only part Gould.  Let's face it - this tinkering around with the sound takes some of the fizz out of the performance.

Can't see any good reason to mess with the 1955 original... it's such an iconic recording ... I'm not a big Gould fan but I love the original Goldberg; it is a classic... I know Gould fans love the '81 version but I can't tolerate it, his vocalizations are pronounced to an infuriating extent and some of the tempos are just so ponderously slow that it feels like The Goldberg Variations was composed by Satie

Gould was a marvelous piano player but what he wanted to hear and what I want to hear seldom meet despite my best efforts to give him repeated listening
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