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Re: Squarcialupi!
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This seems interesting.

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Re: Squarcialupi!
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This CD from Sollazzo Ensemble, their second, has won much praise this year, and I concur. The ensemble is made up for vielles, harp and voices. Much of the material on the CD is from Squarcialupi composers.

Why is it so good? Well it’s fluid, it’s expressive with both words and melody, and their voices are beautiful. But that’s not the real reason. The real reason is that they sing like a team, responsively, with a sense of freshness and discovery and pleasure in performance. There is nothing whatsoever routine or blasé about their art.

You can hear them and see them here, I’m specially fond of the final song by Loyset Compère. Here they use early arrangements in manuscripts testifying to a medieval tradition of blind vielle players.

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