Author Topic: Valentin Silvestrov, a genius or a lot of the same notes in different wraps?  (Read 6462 times)

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Regarding Silvestrov, I´d go for the Metamusik & Postludium with Lubimov.
It´s £ 6.75 at

and Euros 5.14 at

Samples at 
It´s quite simple, meditative music, say a bit like Pärt´s Tabula Rasa in that respect, though somewhat darker.

+ 1. A wonderful disc, the distillation of the composer’s art in that period.

If you know symphony no 5, I suggest you go backwards. Try the first ones instead of no 6 (inferior to 5 IMHO). This is more diverse and adventurous. Symphonies 2 and 4 are available, and the cello and the violin symphonies as well:

Dedication is the symphony for violin and orchestra.

Meditation is the cello symphony. This disc includes a work I like a lot, the second symphony.

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