Author Topic: What are you drinking?  (Read 68763 times)

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Re: What are you drinking?
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Free Will's Coffee Oatmeal Brown (COB). Pretty Freaking Good (PFG)!

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Re: What are you drinking?
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When buying a jacket or trousers or shirts I walk from the shop and directly to the premises of the tailor who does my alterations. Into the backroom, he employs his chalk and pins and then takes the piece to his team of old ladies who perform magic in an attempt to make me look cool. He returns, opens a cupboard containing a number of bottles and "Have you tried this one?" Regardless of my answer, he pours us both a generous double. A sip, a comment or two, then it's thrown back. Good stuff. A month or so ago this was the whisky he poured and I've just now got around to buying a bottle of it to share with friends this weekend.

tl;dr Balmore 12 yo in disguise/repackaged, sweet, spicy and robust. It was recommended by my tailor. ;D
“Tell me,” she finally whispered, “is it fun for you to torture me? I should really hate you. Ever since we've known each other, you've given me nothing but suffering.” Her voice trembled, she leaned toward me, lowered her head onto my chest. “Perhaps,” I thought, “this is exactly why you loved me."