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Composer Discussion / Re: Alexander Gretchaninov (1864-1956)
« Last post by SymphonicAddict on Today at 09:20:20 PM »

Those are great or at least decent performances.

Symphony No. 2, first listen

I wish I could say I liked it, but I didn't. Otoh, I didn't dislike it either. It's paradoxical: all the ingredients that should make me like it are there --- the unabashedly Late Romantic idiom, melody, drama, lyricism --- and yet something did not click. The music seems not to take off in any direction. I frequently found myself asking "Okay, so what next?", only to find out that "next" brought more of the same, sometimes to the point of note-spinning for the sake of it. While the dynamic contrast is striking, the mood is rather monotonous, varying from solemn to melancholy to somber; it lacks humor and warmth, it's abstract and impersonal, like a desert island music (pun). I'm reminded of Hugo Wollf's comment upon Btrahms' 1st Piano Concerto: "one could get a serious flu from such glacial music". Bottom line, if I were to summarize my experience in just one word, it would be *frustration*: I should have like it, yet I haven't.

Of course, this is only a first listen so I might be unnecessarily harsh. Maybe a second listen will change my mind.
Composer Discussion / Re: Alexander Gretchaninov (1864-1956)
« Last post by SymphonicAddict on Today at 09:09:39 PM »
I've listened to the 4 masses, the 5 symphonies, and the cello concerto. The symphonies are pretty good, with a 'Tchaikovskian' influence. You could start with them. The mass I recall the most is the 'Missa oecumenica'. Also, I've heard the cello sonata, but it's not so memorable.
Composer Discussion / Re: Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)!
« Last post by Florestan on Today at 08:58:57 PM »
While I've enjoyed the set, it does take up a lot of room as it is simply 8 discs put together.

Otoh, if one likes Boccherini's music, this set is essential.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by Que on Today at 08:50:43 PM »
Morning listening:

Recorder ensemble playing of this quality - on par with the Loekie Stardust Qt -  make me very happy.  :)
And the music by Christopher Tye (1505 - c.1572) is simply gorgeous.

I hope hope that these ladies from Bremen will do some more recordings with cpo....

Diamond’s 4th from this recording:

The Jazz Lounge / Re: What Jazz are you listening to now?
« Last post by SimonNZ on Today at 08:34:30 PM »

Benny Carter - Additions To Further Definitions (1966)
Albert Ayler - Love Cry (1968)

Now playing Capricorn Concerto from the box set above. Barber at his most Stravinskian.
Now playing Music for a Scene from Shelley from this set:

In Canada, it's a very rare occurence indeed to see a maple leaf flag on private grounds. Typically you'll see but one flag in a whole town (at the Post Office). There is no such thing as a pledge of allegiance (never has). Important sports events have a singer deliver the national anthem. People stand, chat or drink beer. I'd venture to say that less than 2% sing along (in Montreal anyways, but that may be due to the fact that the first half of the anthem is sung in French and the second part in English, but nobody knows it in both languages except the hired singer).

Seems like I saw a giant Flag at every Husky gas station. This is the one I drove past most every day.,-114.0003831,3a,75y,206.14h,96.26t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sZ3Ry4zZGw4G-Pn_0CHcJ6Q!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656
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