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General Classical Music Discussion / Re: The Classical Download Thread
« Last post by amw on Today at 02:39:58 AM »
In any case, I only consider PrestoClassical in cases where the label itself does not make lossless audio file available. Hyperion, for instance, distributes FLAC files from their web site. I think I have gotten a FLAC file from DG, but it was a horrible ordeal, the worst web site design I can remember encountering.
Old post but do not buy digital downloads from Universal (DG/Decca)—the FLAC files are digitally watermarked in a way that creates audible wobbling and distortion.

Presto is usually ok; Lossless Audio Checker sometimes turns up false negatives. It's usually worth testing a suspicious file with multiple softwares to be certain. (A 16-bit/44.1khz FLAC file may have a bit rate as low as 300kbps, especially in the case of piano music, or as high as 1200kbps, especially in the case of harpsichord and percussion music. An upsampled MP3 usually has a higher bit rate than a common or garden FLAC, because the MP3 compression algorithm produces distortion at high frequencies which is then more expensive to encode losslessly.)

Chandos is.... fairly expensive for MP3s. For cheap MP3s probably have to go with the monopolists, Amazon and Google.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by cilgwyn on Today at 02:35:20 AM »
After another,more intensive clean last night,cd 3 of this set,it finally played all the way through. (A nail biting wait to wait if it began skipping,again.though! ::)) And it's playing,now! This long opera is packed with imaginative and arresting invention. Anyone who has ever been put off by the length,have no fear,take the plunge! I must admit,I don't bother too much with the libretto,when it comes to opera. I just let the music flow over me! An occasional perusal of the booklet is quite enough for me! This is one of the most thrilling,beautiful and enjoyable operas I have heard for a while! Now,hopefully,the fourth cd in the set will play without any problems?!! ::) ;D



They carry a bucket-load of labels including Brilliant and Naxos.
Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: New Releases
« Last post by milk on Today at 02:23:13 AM »
There are some sartorial classics that don't age so quickly. The tuxedos from the 60s-80s are fine, what is often atrocious are the attempts at casual or semi-formal wear on covers (and the hairstyles). And even then, Karajan's black turtlenecks would be wearable without any flinching today.
I bet some of those 70s tuxes might look a bit out of date now.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by Irons on Today at 01:40:19 AM »

I am most impressed with Goldner String Quartet and Piers Lane superb recording of in my opinion one of Elgar's greatest works, Piano Quintet. The Aeolian Quartet with Leonard Cassini from early 1960's has been my first choice for many years but even that has been swept aside by this new (2011) kid on the block. The string quartet is also very well done but not quite so clean cut as the Maggini SQ on Naxos and on LP The Music Group of London Qt are both excellent. Hyperion have split the two great Elgar chamber works with four minor piano pieces. I am unable to come to a conclusion if this is good or not. It does give the listener time to draw breath but feels like marching down the hill, only to march back up to the summit. EMI did the same with their Ogdon recording (LP). Use a remote! I hear you say. I don't have one, and my CD player which is an afterthought is about six inches above floor level.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by amw on Today at 01:34:10 AM »
I've always liked No. 1, but for anyone unconvinced of its value, Oramo & the Swedes make the best possible case for the work, playing it with a sweep and coherence that elude many other conductors who seem to be just dutifully recording it to complete a cycle. For those who don't want to obtain the Oramo, Ole Schmidt and Myung-Whun Chung are also recommendable versions.
Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: New Releases
« Last post by amw on Today at 01:29:27 AM »
Wang has some kind of theory about fashion as part of an interpretive gesamtkunstwerk along with all other performer decisions (although she probably wouldn't phrase it that way) and I imagine chose the gown because it harmonised in some way with her concept of the repertoire she was playing; it seems reasonably appropriate for something like Scriabin 10 or the Rachmaninov etudes which are in their own way "in poor taste", morbid, decadent, sickly, etc. (At least these were adjectives applied to the music by contemporary, usually unfriendly critics.) Given that from the standpoint of performance she is probably among the top five or so of living pianists—interpretation is more debatable—and has more freedom in how to present herself than most female artists, she could basically show up to concerts in a fursuit and no one would be likely to object.

Interpretively: most of her Prokofiev has been reference quality, so the 8 should be equally good. Ligeti she will do fine in. I wasn't extremely positive about her Rach 3 but the Etudes-Tableaux are probably better due to being smaller in scale, and I've never heard her in Scriabin. I think it would be a must-buy (or must-pirate) for pianophiles & everyone else should stream first to sample.
Composing and Performing / Re: Henning's Headquarters
« Last post by Florestan on Today at 01:16:05 AM »
Such a terrible news indeed. I pray for Karl and wish him a speedy recovery. My best thoughts to his wife and family as well.
Composing and Performing / Re: Henning's Headquarters
« Last post by vandermolen on Today at 12:31:14 AM »
All strength to Karl and his wife from here - very upsetting news.
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