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The Polling Station / Re: Favored Chamber Works Movements (Round One)
« Last post by San Antone on Today at 12:44:35 AM »
Brahms - Clarinet Sonata in F minor/2 - 65 (+5)
Brahms - String Quartet no. 1/2 - 30 (+5)
Cherubini - String Quartet no. 1/1 - 10
Dvořák - String Quartet no. 13/2 - 10
Haydn - String Quartet, op. 50, no. 1/1 - 20
Lachenmann - Salut für Caudwell - 5

Mozart - Oboe Quartet/1 - 50
Novák - Piano Quintet/2 - 14
Respighi - Piano Quintet/1 - 25 
Schubert - String Quartet no. 15/1 - 7
Shostakovich - String Quartet no. 3/3 - 29
Vaughan Williams - Piano Quintet/2 - 60
The Diner / Re: My book will be published soon!
« Last post by vandermolen on Today at 12:28:10 AM »
My book has just received:

Finalist at the International Book Award, and
Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival.

Working on getting the book published in different languages in Europe.

Excellent news - having read the book I can understand why it has been selected as a finalist and wish you every success with this.
Can't laugh for crying!

Go ahead and cry like Rachel Maddow who actually mocked Glenn Beck for sending tractor-trailers full of food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls to McAllen, Texas on July 19 as a way to help care for some of the roughly 60,000 underage refugees who have crossed into America illegally in 2014. Beck was joined by Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), and a number of pastors and rabbis.
Two years ago today!  Can you believe it?

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General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by Pjotr on Today at 12:02:21 AM »
Georg Philipp Telemann.
XII solos a Violon ou Traversiere avec la basse chiffree. CD 1.
Solos 1-6.

Munchner Cammer Music.

Fourthly: this is just another whataboutism avoidance technique. Please address the topic under discussion.

Composer Discussion / Re: Romeo Cascarino (1922-2002)
« Last post by Oates on June 20, 2018, 11:50:23 PM »
Yes, I think Cascarino is a name that slips under many a radar - his name sounds like he could be an Italian tenor or flamboyant conductor! The music is beautifully atmospheric, mostly calming and delicate but with powerful flourishes along the way. Inspired by literary works (Browning, Poe) and Greek myths. The CD makes me wish he'd composed more - its a slim but perfectly formed body of work. The CD notes quote his dismissal of atonal composers: "If they could write a melody, they would write a melody."
a whopping percentage of the illegals bring violence and death with them?
Again: you know that you're simply lying here, aren't you? But why?
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