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String Quartet № 3
i. Introduction & Fugue
Gordon String Quartet
Symphony № 2
iii. Allegro
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
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Word on the street is that Rakhmaninov is tired of being pinched   :laugh:

a matter of "he too"   :D
Thread Duty:

Etude for Pianola
Paul Jacobs & Ursula Oppens
Word on the street is that Rakhmaninov is tired of being pinched   :laugh:
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by Traverso on Today at 12:47:33 PM »
Sir Eugene Goossens

  Arrived this afternoon and I was wondering if the composer has a distinct voice of his own.I   first listen to it in order to give my comments as honest as any artist deserves to get. :)
The piano concerto:
My first impression is that I hear all kind of influences wich is not a bad thing if the result is so rewarding as is evidently the case here. The piano concerto  is refined and colourful,it is french oriented but with a pinch of Rachmaninov.
The symphony is a totally different matter, coherent and more convincing.It has a Delius like poetry and feels like a wandering in the countryside,gentle and timeless.It is a wonderful   composition as we move to the third part ,it remains full of melodious  narrative paintings with cheerful marching rhythms.The last part gives me again the idea that I'm listening to a long symphonic poem.
It is perhaps a mix of Debussy and Delius,anyway ,I liked it  and while I was listening I just found the words that came to my mind, hearing this music for the first time,sure no wasted time  .

Pf Sonata in D, K.576

Two Charts Show Trump's Job Gains Are Just A Continuation From Obama's Presidency

There has been a fair amount of rhetoric about the job growth and lower unemployment rate seen since President Trump took office. Candidate Trump touted that there would be 25 million jobs created over 10 years if he was elected. In January 2017, I wrote that this was a fairly easy campaign promise when you analyze the data and realize that it will only take 2% annual growth of the workforce to hit this target.

This is a review of Trump’s Economic Scorecard before the midterm elections.

President Trump started with a distinct advantage with a workforce of 145.7 million, 9% larger than when President Obama took office. If the workforce were to only grow by 2%, that would add just over 2.9 million jobs a year or 243,000 per month. Over the course of 10 years, there would be over 29 million jobs added.

Additionally, over President Obama’s last six and five years in office after the economy had recovered from the Great Recession, the average employment gains were 2.42 and 2.48 million jobs per year. Pretty much on track to add 25 million over 10 years
Nice banana republic President Toadstool is trying to sell ya, America!

Suppress voting among traditional Democratic groups; supervise your own election; and then cry foul to intimidate voting officials and to discredit the opposition’s wins — this sounds like something out of a tin-pot dictatorship, not what you’d expect from the world’s leading democracy. Ominously, this practice suggests that Trump and his cult-followers might refuse to accept the results of the 2020 election if things don’t go their way.
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