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The Diner / Re: What TV series are you currently watching?
« Last post by Moonfish on Today at 10:43:57 AM »
I really like this show!

Composer Discussion / Re: Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998)
« Last post by Maestro267 on Today at 10:43:27 AM »
Incredibly excited that I've ordered a copy of the ballet Peer Gynt. I'm really interested to hear this work, Schnittke's take on the full-length ballet.
Well, that is his only cycle, though he did record the 8th approximately 973 times.

True - his only complete cycle - I guess he avoided 1-3 quite a bit!  :'(   I still view his latter recordings as a type/variation of "cycles" (although incomplete) . My bad!  Plenty of Wand's Bruckner recordings out there!!!   ???
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: The Classical Chat Thread
« Last post by Baron Scarpia on Today at 10:40:49 AM »
It annoys me that most melodie can be sung by male or female voice, but when you buy "complete melodie of so-and-so" each work is more or less arbitrarily assigned to a male or female performer. I'd like to buy the complete melodie of so-and-so where all songs that can be sung by a female are sung by a female. (This thought occurred while looking at my complete Melodie of Faure edition.)
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by Malx on Today at 10:37:55 AM »
J S Bach, Sonatas for viola da gamba and obligato harpsichord - Guido Basestracci & Blandine Rannou.
The second movement allegro of BWV1028 is a joyous movement.

Ravel: Violin Sonata No. 1; Franck: Violin Sonata in A; Ligeti: Duo; Messiaen: Theme and Variations
Duo Gazzana

The Diner / Re: What TV series are you currently watching?
« Last post by XB-70 Valkyrie on Today at 10:28:17 AM »
I got burned out on Curb Your Enthusiasm after the fourth season. (we have the DVDs). I just got tired of his snotty, rich celebrity friends, and I also got tired of seeing L.A. scenery. I absolutely detest all of those areas and avoid them like the plague.

I loved the first few seasons of Portlandia, but got tired of that too; it just seemed to shift from being funny to being weird for the sake of being weird.

Now am watching The Polar Sea, and I must recommend this again. It is some of the greatest filmmaking I have ever seen. Go go Netflix now and watch the second episode--stupendous!

(Wand/K├Âlner Rundfunk [Wand's 1st cycle])

Well, that is his only cycle, though he did record the 8th approximately 973 times.
The Diner / Re: What are you drinking?
« Last post by XB-70 Valkyrie on Today at 10:23:07 AM »
Am I?  I don't feel like it . . .

Thread Duty:

(Not this morning, obviously) Local (to New England), a Maine craft distillery.  The seasoning is most enjoyable.  I am taking it on faith that this is entirely different to however Capt Morgan is spiced, because I know I have had Capt Morgan in the past, and I have no recollection of the flavor.

Seriously, try that Mountanos Brothers. For me it puts pretty much all other coffees to shame, except one I had in Ireland recently and forgot the name of.

Nicolas Gombert
Four- & five part motets
The Brabant Ensemble

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