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General Classical Music Discussion / Re: Purchases Today
« Last post by Mirror Image on Today at 11:26:51 AM »
On a Bridge "quest":

Oh dear...I wish you well, Peter. ;) He’s a composer I just can’t get into and, boy, have I tried.
Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: Box Blather
« Last post by Moonfish on Today at 11:26:13 AM »
That, I have and enjoy (as well as the DGG mono box). Now you see why CD austerity was in order. :)

Ha ha!  Hmm, I have removed the word austerity in my vocabulary and have replaced it with CDcornucopia.   :P
Thanks for reminding me about the DGG mono box!!
Composer Discussion / Re: Erik Satie
« Last post by Mirror Image on Today at 11:25:55 AM »

And, yes, even the overworked Gymnopédie № 1.

Socrate is pretty good, but I never came away from it thinking “OMG! I absolutely loved that!” Gymnopédie № 1 is a lovely work, too.
Memorial To Lidice, H. 296
Philadelphia Orchestra

A ravishingly gorgeous work expertly performed here by the Eschenbach and the Philadelphians.
Melartin Symphony No.1 C minor, Grin conducting the Tampere Phil

My recollection the Cyrillic alphabet (particularly the letters stolen directly from Greek) is good enough to sound out Igor and Fedor-something-vich. But who the hell is Igor Fedor-something-vich? Do you think we all have time to look this stuff up in the Groves dictionary of music to decipher your posts?  ;D

I can read Russian alphabet alright, but... Take any Russian-produced CD at random, and if there is one single such CD where the composer is identified only by the first name and the patronymic I will hang myself. This is indeed the most annoying habit of our esteemd Karl.
Composer Discussion / Re: Frank Bridge
« Last post by Roasted Swan on Today at 10:57:44 AM »
Moonfish - yes indeed the Maggini's are solidly good - and check out their version of the Piano Quintet as well coupled with the powerful Bax Quintet.  That is an excellent disc.  Bridge's Chamber music is probably his most impressive and individual music.  I like the orchestral music a lot - Enter Spring is a masterpiece - but the chamber music is more questing.

PS:  Oration is a work of certified genius - this is the best version I know - better than the Hickox version(s) or Lloyd-Webber on Lyrita

- and don't let the nay-sayers about Nimbus distract you.  This entire disc is very very fine
Melartin Symphony No.3 (new edition), Sakari Oramo conducting the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

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Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: Box Blather
« Last post by Baron Scarpia on Today at 10:44:15 AM »
However, I really liked the Decca Mono Years compilation. Some interesting recordings!
Samples and info at:

That, I have and enjoy (as well as the DGG mono box). Now you see why CD austerity was in order. :)
Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: Box Blather
« Last post by MickeyBoy on Today at 10:38:00 AM »
I'm pondering Argerich's EMI recordings. I've mostly listened to her DG recordings over the last few years.

Hmmm.. a no-brainer? Thoughts?

Any word on whether there have been remasterings and, if so, do they represent an improvement?
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