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The Diner / Re: The Sopranos at 20--thoughts?
« Last post by drogulus on Today at 09:27:30 PM »

     The Sopranos

     Big government got small in an unethical experiment. The uniformed always, always say that the government subtracts from the private sector by it's activities, I, together with the world, say the government supplies the private sector by its activities. They are inextricably intertwined. If the government gets sicker the private sector does not get healthier. If the government gets smaller the private sector must shrink. Government spends into the private sector. When government spends, we get money. When it taxes, money is extinguished.

     Such a dramatic demonstration of how things work doesn't happen every day. Shutdowns are often too brief to pound the point home. Do your ideas pass the real world test, or do you just love them because they are yours?
Jeux d’eau

General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by Ken B on Today at 08:56:34 PM »
Mozart, Haydn Quartet 1
Mozarteum Quartet
The recent d'Indy revival prompted me to listen to my favorite CD of his music:

So the SFS is going to sell its soul to that pack of dead-eye lowlifes? :(
Every American orchestra is already owned in part or whole by oil & gas industries—hard to judge the SFS by that metric >.>

The arts are & have always been a way for the wealthy to launder their gains in the face of public unpopularity (or worse). Louis XIV didn't hire Lully out of the goodness of his heart for instance.
String Quartet No. 1 in B minor, Op. 50

They will only want to know if the SFS will agree to play the Bolero during Silicon Valley VC sex parties...
A cruel bastard would substitute La Mer and see if they notice.

Anyway, anything that pries money out of the hands of Silicon Valley low life’s for the arts cannot be all bad.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: Purchases Today
« Last post by JBS on Today at 08:29:27 PM »
From Amazon Italy.

With thanks to those who discussed it on the Listening thread.
The Diner / Re: What are you currently reading?
« Last post by Ken B on Today at 07:59:39 PM »

I hear good things about Akunin but am deeply skeptical. I am not sure why.  Let us know how it is.
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