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Wiren: Triptych [Wedin]....

I really like this work with its conversational musical language and its orchestral scoring.

Sounds like a disc Iím going to have to pickup at some point. I recall enjoying Wirenís symphonies (on CPO).
Recommended by both Mirror Image and aligreto:

On Symphony No. 2 at the moment.

Very fine release; I am enjoying it very much. ;)

Very nice, indeed. Glad you enjoy the music. I need to revisit these works myself as itís been far too long.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: Purchases Today
« Last post by Mirror Image on Today at 05:53:30 PM »
Yes, we have had table pounding already but your endorsement is appreciated  ;)
I do not know these works  :-[ so I am eagerly looking forward to hearing them.

Are you familiar with Martinuís oeuvre in general? Would love to know or, at least, have an idea of what youíve heard of his music?
Maybe the US should consider just......... not having lifetime appointments?

Technically, they do not.  "The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour[.]"  Practically, they do have lifetime appointments.  All that's needed to change this is a constitutional amendment.  That will happen soon after the Electoral College is abolished.

So the right is panicking and trying to fill as many lifetime appointments to the courts before they are presumably wiped out in 2018, and the left is panicking over the rightís panic-stricken and unworkable plan to do this.

Maybe the US should consider just......... not having lifetime appointments?

Composer Discussion / Re: Chez Stravinsky
« Last post by Le Moderniste on Today at 05:10:29 PM »
Somehow I always keep finding myself back at the later works.

I kinda fell into a Le Sacre thing in the last two weeks but alas, I'm back on the later works again  :laugh:

     Trump is on TV making a speech and says "I'm highly educated. I know words. I have the best words."

Composer Discussion / Re: Darius Milhaud (1892-1974)
« Last post by snyprrr on Today at 04:55:49 PM »
I may have said this before, but I'm a fan of Milhaud's last two string quartets, nrs 17 and 18. Particularly the last one, dedicated to his parents, is a beauty.

It's really too bad these works have never really entered the recital repertory. It would be good to hear other interpretations than the Parisii  -  not because they're bad, but to round out the character of this music.

What about that Cybellia label cycle?

Yes, I too enjoy them. After 18, he went on to write 5(?) String Quintets and a Sextet! Indefatigable But I like all the SQs 12-18, his is an effusive style for sure! Ilikethe Revueltas Mexico of 13.

I just brought over the Arriaga rec. of 1-2, which I think form another perfect set of bookends alongside with 17-18... their performances are "10 times better" than the Parisii.
Composer Discussion / Re: Chez Stravinsky
« Last post by snyprrr on Today at 04:43:35 PM »
Oh great, more recordings of Le sacre and The Firebird. ::) I really wish the couplings were more interesting. :-\

I mean... seriously :'( :(... I guess we'll next get another round of Boxes to included the new work? lol

Though, there aren't too many works that I think neeed a new look... 'Movements', Concerto in D, Septet, ...but, yea, I really can't come up with anything that's reeeally needed here, can you? 'Persephone'?

I'm currently in Paris with LesSix & Co., )trying to wrap up the French Experience (with Jolivet, Dutilleux, and Boulez at the tail end... Ohana, Sauget. Stravinsky does seem to stand over the whole bunch... (and of course HVL, Malipiero, and the rest of em)...

I start with the fact that Poulenc did not write a String Quartet, and work backwards from there...
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