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This is part of my collection...

The Delius section? ;)

Sorry, should have noticed by its lack of size that it was the Shostakovich section.
Elgar 1
Rachmaninoff 2
Atterberg 3
Braga Santos 4
Prokofiev 5
Vaughan Williams 6
Sibelius 7
Dvorak 8
Mahler 9
Shostakovich 10

...and an alternate list, 'cause why not?:

Martinu 1
Hanson 2
Honegger 3
Schmidt 4
Arnold 5
Bax 6
Beethoven 7
Glazunov 8
Bruckner 9
Holmboe 10

It really pained me to leave out Nielsen, but the competition is just too stiff :( I hope you guys don't mind me resurrecting old polls, but they're just so fun! (and simultaneously frustrating ;D)
Composer Discussion / Re: The Windy World of Maslanka (1943-2017)
« Last post by arpeggio on Today at 10:05:00 PM »

I participate in several classical music forums.  This is the only one that acknowledged the passing of this outstanding composer.
Occasional whiffs of Sibelius, but not quite with the level of magic:

Fine sound.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: Purchases Today
« Last post by The new erato on Today at 09:59:51 PM »
Ordered and sent from jpc (but not yet received):

General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by Que on Today at 09:52:41 PM »
For my morning listening one final return to Léon Berben's recording of The Well Tempered Clavier for Book II, played on a harpsichord after Couchet.

Please see for a short impression my updates notes HERE.

Some short impressions on this set:

Partitas by Pieter-Jan Belder
A recording early in Belder's career (1999), and to my ears premont was right in his assessment that this is Belder's most succesfull contribution to the set. Though there is more nice stuff to come.... Initial impression of this performance is of of a stately and somewhat deliberate sounding performance, but beautiful phrased and with "Dutch" straight forwardness. The faster movements are however played swiftly (and steady), though can sound a touch mechanical.

All in all, there is something very attractive to the airy and transparent result, aided by the well recorded pleasant sound of his harpsichord after Ruckers.
I would be very interesting in a remake after so many years, which undoubtedly will be more flexible and deeper, but as it is -  this is an attractive breath of fresh air.

Keyboard Works 1700-1710 by Christiane Wuyts
I thouroughly enjoyed this 3CDset with miscellaneous harpsichord works from Bach's early days.
There is little information available about the Flemish performer. The booklet is not very helpful: "she was the pupil of various masters of the harpsichord in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany". Anyway, this lady delivers solid, balanced and carefully detailed performances with great dedication.
Might sounds boring perhaps, but this kind of unobtrusive, straight but lively style seems to work well with this little youthful gemms.
She is aided by two wonderful sounding harpsichords: one by Henri Hemsch, 1754, and one by Jacques Goermans, 1774.
Frustratingly, Brilliant doesn’t tell in which piece which harpsichord is used....My ears tell me that Wuyts continously alternates between them.
The recording dates from 1988, and might have originally been made for Adda (now defunct).

Competition is few but strong in shape of the two volumes (3 discs) of the "Harpsichord music by the Young Bach" by Robert Hill (Hänssler), whose performances are more virtuosic and "high brow" (strongly recommended, as is anything by Hill in that series). Still going to keep this, some lovely renditions here, not least of all of some pieces of doubtful authorship like a helter skelter "phantastic" BWV 909.

The Well Tempered Clavier by Léon Berben
When this was recorded in 1999, Léon Berben was a very young man. And this is a young man's brave attempt at the Old Testament of keyboard music.
A mixed bag of haphazard playing that includes well executed and brilliant ideas, a lot of stop-and-go, musical phrases that collapse, touching moments, and so forth.
What I hear is Berben on exploration through the WTC, trying out different things but never exactly knowing where he is going.
Despite the draw backs I much enjoyed the adventure - Léon Berben has a brilliant mind and has some great insights.
Now, so many years later and matured as an artist, Berben could pleasantly surprise us with another attempt.....

PM I will continue to add to this post with comments on the rest of the content.

The Diner / Re: Non-Classical Music Listening Thread!
« Last post by SimonNZ on Today at 09:34:17 PM »

Tammy Wynette - We Sure Can Love Each Other (1971) and Another Lonely Song (1974)

well, they sure don't write 'em like that anymore:

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The Diner / Re: Non-Classical Music Listening Thread!
« Last post by α | ì Æ ñ on Today at 09:29:19 PM »
Because I fucking love Cab Calloway:
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by Mandryka on Today at 09:25:59 PM »

Myles Jordan Bach D minor suite. There's a good essay about it here
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