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Completely confused by this. The only occasion Lyrita did such a thing. I purchased one only to find I already had a copy with a different cover and coupling!

Irons and others,

I also found this (I was trying to find a CD copy of the Fantasia and stumbled across this one):

If I'm understanding things correctly, Lyrita released a Decca pressing of the Fantasia (and the others)?  Or is that incorrect info on the eBay listing?  I had thought that Lyrita released their own recordings?  How many times did Boult record the Fantasia?

Thank you kindly.

And a happy birthday from here too!  Did you treat yourself to any goodies/purchases today?   :)

Composer Discussion / Re: Schoenberg's Sheen
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General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
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Clearly something is going over my head, because whenever Ives comes on I'm bored to tears.   :'(

Dude!  TRY THIS!!!  8)

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Composer Discussion / Re: Schoenberg's Sheen
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General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening to now?
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Mahler 4

Hanna-Elisabeth Müller is very good in the finale.

Composer Discussion / Re: Bruckner's Abbey
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Would you include the String Quintet in its string orchestra version as a quasi-symphony?  :D

I am listening to it right now via YouTube.

I have not yet heard the complete orchestration by Gerd Schaller: any comments from those who have heard it?

My mind just made a connection!   8)

Coincidence?  Should we be worried?  :o   ;)

Schaller's orchestration is available on YouTube:

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Composer Discussion / Re: Schoenberg's Sheen
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Thanks to composer/pianist Lera Auerbach on FaceBook: published last June!


Arnold Schoenberg and Thomas Mann, two towering figures of twentieth-century music and literature, both found refuge in the German-exile community in Los Angeles during the Nazi era. This complete edition of their correspondence provides a glimpse inside their private and public lives and culminates in the famous dispute over Mann’s novel Doctor Faustus. In the thick of the controversy was Theodor Adorno, then a budding philosopher, whose contribution to the Faustus affair would make him an enemy of both families. Gathered here for the first time in English, the letters in this essential volume are complemented by diary entries, related articles, and other primary source materials, as well as an introduction by German studies scholar Adrian Daub that contextualizes the impact these two great artists had on twentieth-century thought and culture
My CD of Gliere's Cello Concerto is performed by the Russian Cinematographic SO, whose name I rather like.
The Jazz Lounge / Re: What Jazz are you listening to now?
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^ that looks interesting, never heard of that label or those broadcasts!


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