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Maybe we should have some sort of "hall of fame" for the most pompous, self-important posts made to the board. There seems to be a consensus forming around this post. :)
He has several candidates for sure.

A quasi-integral set of the symphonies (no 1 is missing) with the WP (nos 2-6, 8 and the complete incidental music to Rosamunde) and the Klassische Philharmonie Stuttgart (9). An assortment of  Minuets and Trios as well as German Dances round off this generoius 4 cd set.

Today: nos 2 (twice) and 3, with the Wiener Philharmoniker (03-1959 and 06-1965 respectively).

No. 2 is a favourite of mine, I have a dozen versions of it. The first movement has to be heard to be believed. This is by some margin the fastest of the bunch. The articulation of the strings at that tempo is incredible. They are neat, sonorous yet it never sounds like a scramble - although it comes close to that sometimes ! This jumps straight at the top of favourite performances for this work.

I am glad I paid attention to this post. I have several Schubert Symphony cycles, but I tend to skip over the early symphonies with the idea that they must be juvenile works, of less interest than the later pieces. But I brought out my Harnoncourt set, and the second symphony is a hoot! The outer movements, in particular, come across like a crazy, exuberant cross between Mozart and Rossini. Thrilling, inventive works. I don't really need more Schubert, but I am tempted get this Munchinger set anyway.
Bureaucratic obtuseness in action.

"he failed to de-register from his homeland" --- I wonder if such a notion as "de-registering" existed in the Kingdom of Bavaria back then and what was the corresponding procedure. ???
Not so much bureaucracy, but the idea that this young man had been running away from conscription - very much a concern for European states at that time. In many places, the rich and not so rich would pay for a replacement (another young man being hired to fulfil military service instead of their own son).
I'm surprised that you did. Heidsieck is not a pianist who should be placed on a map of a serious Beethoven listener. Unless you don't mind beginning to listen to your relatives or neighbor's kids playing the cycle. These are important and interpretatively decoded works. I wonder what attracted you in terms of Beethoven  ::)

Maybe we should have some sort of "hall of fame" for the most pompous, self-important posts made to the board. There seems to be a consensus forming around this post. :)
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: Purchases Today
« Last post by Baron Scarpia on Today at 10:44:58 PM »
This came in today:

Very nice. Original jackets are a definite plus. As in every ‘complete’ set, though, a few items are missing: Orff’s De fine comoedia,  and the 3 recordings of the Beethoven 9th. Since DG saw fit to include Mendelssohn’s 2nd symphony, already issued in the Mendelssohn symphonies box, it’s hard to understand why the Beethovens were not included as well ::). Anyhow, this is exactly what I wanted to have, so I don’t really have any qualms, esp since the set includes 2 Brahms and Verdi requiems, 2 Missa solemnis, 2 Bruckner Te Deum, 3 Mozart requiems and 3 Haydn Creation. Yummy !

I have the Karajan 60's, 70's and 80's boxes, the packaging is indeed very nice. I usually don't go to Karajan for choral music, but a few really nice things he did (which I presume are in that box) are the recording of the German Requiem from the 80's and the WPO (a return to a more direct style from earlier in his career) and the Mozart Great Mass in c-minor, also from the 80's (Barbara Hendricks is superb). The old German Requiem from the 60's is also very good. I never could develop a taste for his Bach choral music.

This is old news, then.

Yes, I posted it because the 20th anniversary of Tennstedt's death occurred just days ago.
Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: Recordings That You Are Considering
« Last post by Pat B on Today at 10:36:50 PM »
We could establish an association of unserious Beethoven listeners. I would love to be a member of that society.

I want in. I have not heard the Heidsieck but would like to. Is that sufficient?
Composer Discussion / Re: The Copland Corral
« Last post by vandermolen on Today at 10:17:34 PM »
I’ve recently become a quite a fan of Hanson’s 3rd, so, yes, I believe it goes on that list as well.
Koussevitsky's performance is sensational.
Violin Sonata No. 3 and then off to bed:

General Classical Music Discussion / Re: Purchases Today
« Last post by The new erato on Today at 09:24:35 PM »
And there I was, assuming you'd think Perahia is not quite the one ...

I've had the Juilliard box on pre-order for a while  :)
Where? Not listed yet in my usual European haunts.....
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