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Let's induct the Composer forum with a brand-new atonal piano composition:
"Atonales Klavierst├╝ck" it's called, in a simple A - B - A' form, the A part being quick (Allegrissimo) and bouncy and the B part slow, free (rubato) and expressive.



I've edited the thread title. This thread will contain all of my newer compositions.

Here's the beginning of my violin concerto: (audio) (score)

And here's my trombone sonata, which is now finished (lasts 12 1/2 minutes without cadenza). (audio) (score)

Enjoy - I'm thankful for any sort of comments and criticism!

Mark G. Simon:
A very enjoyable piece, and a very difficult one by the sound of it. If that's a MIDI performance, it's very convincing. If it's a live performance, congratulations.

I was reminded of the Shostakovich Polka from the Age of Gold, with some Prokofiev and Bartok thrown in. I think the title is a misnomer, since I heard a lot of C major in there. I might have given it the title "Polytonal Polka", because usually what's happening is that 2 keys are being juxtaposed.

Thanks for your comment. It's a Finale 2007 performance - I could not play it, it's a real virtuoso piece. But it should be playable.

It's quite difficult to write a real atonal piece, I think. If there's somewhere a C, an E and a G in a measure, maybe the C in the bass, a listener will immediately recognize it as C major. So you have to avoid constellations like that on purpose. I didn't do that... I did just write in a very free, but not ideological way.

Mark G. Simon:

--- Quote from: rappy on April 06, 2007, 03:49:46 AM --- I did just write in a very free, but not ideological way.

--- End quote ---

Which is a perfectly honorable way to proceed.

That's a really fine piece, Rappy, with some great ideas. You've really come on so far in such a short time!! Any significance to giving an atonal piece the honour of being op1 no1 ? Do you feel as if this style is where you've been heading?


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