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Please recommend me concertos for wind instruments

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Strauss wrote concerti for horn as well, didn't he?

Beyond the boundary specified,

Everything by Mozart
Albinoni Op. 9 No. 2
The ones for clarinet by Weber and Crussel
Haydn's trumpet concerto


--- Quote from: tanuki on December 01, 2008, 05:59:34 PM ---Heh, OK, truly sorry about that. Please bear with my 'noviceness'.

How about Oboe or Horn concertos, from late romanticism or 20th century?

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Well, below is just a 'starter' consideration - there are so many other considerations - I would strongly recommend exploration of the 'wind' works of the Baroque & Classical eras, and also a consideration of the 'chamber' use of these instruments - my preference is to hear these 'wind instruments' in a smaller group, but up to you - good luck in your explorations and please reply back to this thread -  :D

Arnold, Malcolm - Clarinet Concertos - King (Hyperion)
Cartellieri, Antonio - Clarinet Concertos - Klocker (MDG)
Krommer, Franz - Clarinet Concertos - Naxos
Spohr, Louis - Clarinet Concetos - Hyperion
Stamitz, Carl - Clarinet Concetos - Naxos
Strauss, Richard - Horn Concertos - EMI

Haydn & Telemann - Horn Concertos
Mozart - Clarinet & Oboe Works


--- Quote from: tanuki link=topic=10059.msg251430#msg251430 --- How about Oboe or Horn concertos, from late romanticism or 20th century?

That'd be great.  ;)

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Copland Clarinet Concerto

Nielsen Clarinet and Flute Concertos

Weinberg: Flute Concertos and Clarinet Concerto

Hoddinot, Doubles (oboe)

Magnus Lindberg Clarinet Concerto

Mark G. Simon:
Your first stop needs to be the Flute Concerto and Clarinet Concerto of Carl Nielsen. In these works broad richly-scored romantic themes coexist with biting sarcasm and modernist melodic and harmonic formulations. Both of them are very rewarding and a lot of fun for the listener. For the soloists they're among the toughest in the repertory.


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