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Please recommend me concertos for wind instruments

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Martinů’s fantastic Oboe Concerto springs to mind immediately:

... and of course Nielsen's Clarinet Concerto, plus IMHO Saariaho's Flute Concerto, L'Aile du Songe, and maybe Copland's Clarinet Concerto.

I went back to page 1: "Diletante" disappeared in december 2008!

We seem to love concertos for wind instruments, however.
Here are a few more "leckerbissen" :

Ferrucio Busoni - Divertimento for Flute and Orchestra Op. 52 (1920)

Jean-Michel Damase, Sérenade pour Flûte et orchestre à cordes.

Marius Flothuis - Concert voor fluit en orkest, Op. 19

Theodoor Verhey - Concerto for flute & orchestra №1 in d minor

August Verbesselt: concerto for klarinet (fragment)

For those who want to hear more music by composer/conductor René Defossez:
A pianoconcerto from 1951, in an old Decca recording.

Roy Bland:
IMHO two great works particularly Horovitz could receive more attention


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