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Re: essential 100 classical albums (1984 edition)
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As far as the list goes I think I've seen more variety in a Best Buy! :D 
Ha ha, after all those trips to Bestbuy in the last 12 years, I think I've bought a total of 1 CD (Paillard's Handel water music, genuinly surprised when I found it)

That is to say the list is narrow (lacking in diversity in every way) to the point of it being stupid and useless. 
Everything you said is correct David. But remember, they didn't have or BRO back then. Plus, asians tend to stick to (or tend to be very loyal to) very few of their favorate artists (i.e. Furtwangler, Oistrakh, Rostropovich, Gulda, Wlach etc - not particularly proud of this trait though) Also I've said reciting the list was just for fun, never intended for cd buying guidance.

I'll go on with solo/duo instrumental musics

61) Beethoven: Cello sonata #3, Rostropovich, Richter, Philips

62) Bach: suites for cello, Casals, EMI

63) Beethoven: Sonata for violin and piano #9, Oistrakh, Oborin, Philips

64) Schubert: Sonata for Piano and Arpeggione, Rostropovich, Britten, Decca

65) Beethoven: Sonata for piano #14 "Moonlight", Backhaus, Decca

66) Franck: Sonata for violin, Chung, Lupu, Decca

67) Vitali: Chaconne in G minor, szerying, (Charles) Reiner, Philips

68) Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier, Gould, Columbia

69) Beethoven: Sonata for violin and piano #5, Oistrakh, Oborin, Philips

70) Chopin: 24 Preludes, Pollini, DG

71) Debussy: Preludes, Gieseking, EMI

72) Bach: Sonatas and partitas for solo violin, Szyering, DG

73) Chopin: Impromptus, Francois, EMI

74) Beethoven: Piano sonata #8, Gulda, Amadeo

75) Beethoven: Piano sonata #23 "Appasionata" , Backhaus, Decca

76) Saint-Saens: Introduction and rondo capriccioso, Perlman, Martinon, Paris Orchestra, EMI

77) Mendelssohn: songs without words, Barenboim, DG

78) Beethoven: Romances 1&2, Heifetz, Steinberg, RCA SO, RCA

currently $54 at Amazon marketplace.  :o

79) Chopin: Ballade #1, Harasiewicz, Philips

I'll finish the list with operas and other vocal musics.