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How did GMG begin?

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--- Quote from: Herman on January 31, 2009, 11:01:53 PM ---Yes Gabriel! He was the one who mailed me and said let's come on over. This was in the winter of 2003, around this time of year, I remember now. The moderators came about a year later.

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Indeed, I wrote to you, Herman! Yes, I'm quite sure it was in January or February 2003. I recall that there had been some problems in CMG for a while, and after a specific and unpleasant incident (which, fortunately I guess, I don't remember) many of the posters decided not to post in that site anymore, including me and those who you have mentioned. I don't know exactly how we got to GMG, but remember I received an e-mail from one of the members (possibly André/Lilas?) telling me about this site, so we coordinated by e-mail our arrival to this new musical home.

I also remember Lin from the (re)founding group. (Lin/Rach, if I'm not mistaken).

David, I am sincerely thankful to your words. I'm sure Haydn's music expresses itself very well, but if my enthousiasm contributed as a vehicle for your motivation, I cannot but feel a great and humble joy.


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