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Carl Stamitz TTT! 2 years since my last post (part below) - well, something new, i.e. I'm up to 10 CDs now since the addition of some more Symphonies, the CPO disc added below (top row last one) - now have only 8 of his 50+ works in this genre - Willens w/ the period instrument group Kölner Akademie - Carl emerged from his father's Mannheim orchestra composing orchestral music in a similar style, especially the crescendos made famous by this band - however, of all the recordings below I remain fondest of the clarinet compositions.  Dave :)

--- Quote from: SonicMan46 on May 24, 2020, 07:08:08 AM ---Stamitz, Carl (1745-1801) - no dedicated thread on this composer and just a lot of 'mentions' in the 'classical corner' - going through my modest collection at the moment; plus there seems to be more available on Spotify than I can find on Amazon USA or at Presto Music!

Carl was born in Mannheim (palace front shown below), eldest son to Johann Stamitz, Director of the famous Mannheim court orchestra - short bio of him quoted below; he wrote more than 50 symphonies, at least 38 symphonies concertantes and more than 60 concertos for violin, viola, viola d'amore, cello, clarinet, basset horn, flute, bassoon and other instruments. He also wrote a large volume of chamber music. Some of the clarinet and viola concertos that Stamitz composed are considered to be among the finest available from the period (Wiki).

At the moment, I own 9 discs of Carl's compositions (3 are in a box of his 'Clarinet Concertos') - believe that I enjoy his clarinet works the best; apparently when he lived in Paris, Stamitz began to cooperate with the Bohemian born clarinet virtuoso Joseph Beer (1744–1811), which proved fruitful for both Stamitz and Beer (Wiki link above); and reminiscent of some great clarinet works of several other composers, such as Mozart and Brahms.

So, any Stamitz fans (Carl and kin)?  If so, what else is available - any period instruments clarinet works?  Dave :)




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