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--- Quote from: Brian on October 17, 2021, 11:15:28 AM ---Back to what jlopes posted - there are a couple more BIS releases coming that I found info on, and some Naxos stuff:

--- End quote ---

Some great-looking stuff there!

I’m more open-minded about stuff like this this these days. I like when the piano plays the bass over the other parts. Then there’s a strange clarity in that part of the counterpoint. It’s interesting at least.

Mirror Image:

Looks like a great program, but why does every album that is released now have to have some kind of stupid title? What can't this be titled Bartók/Ligeti/Dutilleux String Quartets? Is that too simplistic? Too generic? It's better than Not All Cats Are Grey. That's for damn sure!


Who hasn't been clamoring for this box?

How the heck is a John Williams Boston Pops box coming out before an Arthur Fiedler Boston Pops box?


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