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Constanzo Festa (1485 - 1545) was the first major native Italian polyphonist after the domination of composers from the Netherlands in Italy and combined both styles. Despite the fact that a substantial amount of his music is preserved, recordings seem very thin on the ground. Paul van Nevel did a disc of choral music, included in the "Secret Labyrinth" box, and an instrumental one. Festa is said to be the beacon for his successors, notably Palestrina.

This is the only complete recording of the Lamentations, and despite some minor reservations I think we are lucky to have it.
The 11 male members of the French ensemble Scandicus give a dedicated, small and intimate  performance. The sound the ensemble is on the smoother and mellow side. It could more edgy, but it is beautifully done - intimate and touching. The music itself is pretty, though perhaps not breathtaking. Scandicus keep these predominantly homophonic works sufficiently transparent.Though this would be a perfect piece for Cinquecento to record!


Crossposting from the WAYLT thread:

Lamentations by Cristóbal de Morales:

A gorgeous recording. Can't say I am overall always a fan of Carles Magraner: eccentric and often with over-the-top instrumental accompaniments. But he hit the jackpot here. There is instrumental colla-parte accompaniment, by five viols (vihuelas de arco) and lute. But it is fortunately tastefully done and to subtle effect. Magraner used 6 singers, I suspects he doubles the tenors in the pieces for 4 of 5 voices.

A valuable addition to the repertoire of lamentations!  :)