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The following is part of a thread from the previous GMG forum and should invite replies here in the new home:

 Opera DVDs you are watching
« on: March 21, 2007, 03:28:00 PM » Quote Modify Remove Split Topic 

Well, I only watch opera DVDs once in a while but it seems that the Opera and Vocal room doesn't have this sort of thread? I know many of you simply post info on the last opera DVDs you watched in the appropriate specific composer/opera threads but I figured sometimes one would simply want to just mention what one is watching without starting a multi-page discussion on the subject... Or at least without that intention...

Or maybe there already is a (dead) thread of this sort, and I missed it?

Well, anyway, if you think this would be a useless thread then we can just let it die a natural death (by not posting in it or even locking it)...

Last opera DVD I watched was this:

Maciek, I keep reading that e mail...but I cannot see specified what opera you were watching. While you are at it, you might as well tell us why we ought to avoid it.


Did I throw you a curve, Mike? Sorry about confusing you, but while I was working on transferring this thread you caught the first version and then I modified it and now you have no idea what on earth Maciek was talking about. He was talking about this one:

Stanislaw Moniuszko: Halka.

In the process I just discovered that I can not minimize this program, go to another and retrieve it. It's gone.

Lis, LOL....after all that, I am none the wiser as I know neither the opera nor the composer. The longer we go on the less I seem to know.


In memory of Colin Graham, who died last Friday, I watched this DVD of his ENO production of Britten's Gloriana.  I saw the production in New Orleans in 1984 with practically the same cast, just a couple of months after it was filmed.


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